Posted on October 20, 2023 at 3:42 am

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Bigg Boss 17: Soniya Bansal takes things in control!

Actress Soniya Bansal is not one to let things just slide by. If something’s wrong, she makes sure to speak about it. This is why, in yesterday’s Bigg Boss episode, when she realised that Khanzaadi was not cooking Poha the way it should be cooked, she tried to ask others in the kitchen to guide her. What happened next was what many find  unacceptable, and not required.


Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal Team
Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal Team


Khanzaadi took off on a tangent, bringing in regionalism and demanding her favourite dish from her native place. This fight seemed to not end there, and stretched till the night. Things unravelled in such a way that despite Soniya trying to explain things to Khanzaadi, she didn’t listen. Things got out of hand with Khanzaadi losing her temper. At that point of time, we saw Soniya trying to calm her down. Putting her differences with Khanzaadi aside, she hugged her and took her away from the situation. Now, that’s what friendship means!

Meanwhile, it seems like the housemates are looking at Soniya as tough competition because one can hear them often talking about her. Ankita was also seen talking to Bigg Boss about the way Soniya is doing things at home.  One thing is certain the housemates cannot forget about Soniya. So they may love her, or they may hate her, but they cannot ignore her!

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