Posted on October 3, 2023 at 6:57 am

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Rajeev Kumar on being part of Jahan Chand Rehta Hain: The show is very inspirational

Rajeev Kumar, who plays the role of Mahipal in Jahan Chand Rehta Hain, says that people are loving his character. He says that his family, especially, loves the show and finds it very inspiring.


Photo Courtesy Rajeev Kumar Team
Photo Courtesy Rajeev Kumar Team


“I have received great feedback for my character. My family is watching it. Long back, I also played the role of a Sikh in Tushar Kapoor’s debut film, Mujhe Kuch Kehna hai. I played the role of his friend. Now, I have again got a chance to play the character of a Sardar. I am glad that my family liked it. Talking about the serial, it is very inspirational. It has a very inspirational story about a girl. Interestingly, our launching period coincidentally matched with Chandrayaan’s launch, it all happened in the span of 8 to 10 days. The coincidence that our main lead wished to go on the moon, and Chandrayaan landed on the moon, made us happy,” he says.

He says that a scene becomes tough when there is complexity of emotions.

“When an actor’s dilemma increases, it becomes a tough scene for him. The biggest fear of that character is that, when his son went to the city he came back as a failure. His son went to the city with dreams of having a job there, but he couldn’t make it. And after 2-3 years when he came back home, he looked sick, not having a single penny to spend on food. The character was afraid as he didn’t wish all these things to happen to her daughter. He didn’t wish anything wrong happened to her, or that she ended up in the same situation. So, it was a good experience to perform scenes like this with my family,” he says.

The show airs on DD National. Talking about his association with the channel, he says,

“I have spent my entire childhood working with DD National. There was a black and white serial, which was essentially the daily soap that I watched. If we go back in time around 1979 or 80, there was a show of Paintal sir named Laddu Singh Taxi Wala and Vinod Dua sir’s serial Aapke Liye. That’s how I have spent my entire childhood days with DD National. Now, that DD has brought quality shows, there are chances of it having a good reach. As it is available in every Indian house, it has a good reach. Also being a government channel, if it tries to make good shows then the upcoming generation will get inspired by the new stories. It is always said that art is for art’s sake or art is for real. So, I believe that art has its way of showing the reality of society and inspiring people. Our director Sir BR Chopra used to pick some bad deeds from society and find out the best alternative way to solve them. So, if situations or subjects like space, sports, or studies are shown then it works as a great content. Even if we talk about politics, there are some people involved in it who reach a level without doing anything wrong and their story should be heard.”

Talking about the coming weeks, he says that the show has a lot planned.

“In the upcoming days our main lead, the character of Sonam Lamba, keeps on seeing dreams and convinces her family. Gradually her dreams will come true. Even her family starts supporting her after a while and wishes the best for her. If a man’s dream dies, then the man will become a dead body. So, her dreams should never stop. She keeps on dreaming and achieving it,” he says.

Kumeria Productions has made a lot of effort for different concepts and storytelling, and this show is absolutely unique as well, says the actor, adding,

“Congratulations to the Kumeria Productions for creating an inspirational character. A girl who lives in a small village, dreams of achieving something and tries her best to have it. Even after so many obstacles, she faces the situation bravely. When every child in India watches this, they’ll notice that if a girl who belongs to a small village can move to a city to fulfil her dreams, and with her hard work and dedication works in a place like ISRO, they’ll get inspired. If we look at the stories of famous sports personalities who come from small villages, they just make us proud on the international level. I believe that if our children watch stories about such inspiring personalities who are there in the villages of our country, they’ll learn something from them. I expect Kumeria Productions to present more such stories that give us a lesson to remember. Kumeria Productions is working out of its way to bring such stories rather than focusing on the family drama we have been watching for ages. I thank them for never stopping this.”

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