Posted on October 3, 2023 at 9:16 am

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Garvita Sadhwani aka Mrunal of Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si opens up on her role and the show

Garvita Sadhwani is seen as Mrunal in Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si. The show is being produced by Rajan Shahi’s Directors Kut Production. Happy to be a part of the show, the actor says that to her the title of the show means, there are some things that we hold in our heart but never speak out loud. It’s important in relationships to be transparent with each other.


Photo Courtesy Garvita Sadhwani Team
Photo Courtesy Garvita Sadhwani Team


“Mrunal is a super ambitious girl who wants to become a big social media influencer. Woh, apni family se pyaar karti hai bas apne sapnon se thoda zyada pyaar karti hai. Mrunal and I have some similarities which is why I decided to take up this role,” she continues, “I love drama. And love is drama. It’s going to be a very interesting love-hate relationship between the two families, can’t wait for the audience to see it.”

About the similarity, she elaborates,

“Mrunal’s a social media influencer and, so am I. Mrunal is ambitious and so am I. She is so vivacious and confident that I can’t help but admire her spirit.”

Garvita feels the audience will easily be able to connect with the themes explored in the show.

“They will definitely love the family dynamics, because there’s a lot of love – par jahan pyaar wahan takraar. They’ll love the simplicity of Karmarkars and the oomph of Malhotra’s,” she says.

All praises for Rajan and team, she adds,

“I cannot thank Rajan sir and the DKP team enough for allowing me to be a part of this show. It’s a dream to be associated with the best in TV biz and to learn something new every day. They are the most humble and generous people, yeh rishta ab sada bana rahe – thu thu thu.”

If you had to sum up the show in a hashtag, what would it be? “#PyaarAndTakraar,” she ends.

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