Posted on June 27, 2023 at 4:38 am

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Nandish Singh Sandhu on dealing with difficult times and self-doubt

Nandish Singh Sandhu, a talented actor known for his versatile performances, has been basking in the glory of success with his latest endeavour. His recent appearance in “Jubilee” on Amazon Prime has garnered praise from both critics and audiences alike.


Photo Courtesy Nandish Singh Sandhu Team
Photo Courtesy Nandish Singh Sandhu Team


Nandish recently opened up about the difficult times he faced in his acting career and the decisions he made along the way. The actor also discussed how he dealt with his feelings and self-doubt along the way.

“During my career, I faced doubts about life, future events, and decisions. I believe it is crucial to go through these feelings to find your own answers and find peace. It is important to remember that doubts are a natural part of the journey.  I now know that my doubts and questions have been answered through time, experience, and failures. There were times when I doubted my talent and career path but I was lucky to have the right people around me. I have now found peace in knowing that my questions have been answered. This realisation has helped me navigate my career path and find my true purpose”. The actor concluded.

However, the Jubilee actor also acknowledged the choices and decisions he has made during his journey and how he has embraced them.

“I don’t regret the choices that I have made. I believe it was the best decision for me at that point of time. Now looking back and doubting your choices would be a biased approach, as I believe that at that point of time the choices I  made were the best as per the circumstances that time.”

The actor further expressed,

“So choices are one thing that I don’t question; otherwise, all the doubts and questions have been there and have been answered. And I’m glad they were there because that helped me kind of evolve and learn in life.”

He also emphasized that making choices and taking risks are essential parts of personal growth and development.

“Without taking risks, we cannot grow as individuals. It’s important to trust ourselves and our instincts, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones.”

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