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Akangsha Rawat opens up on playing Diti in Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav

Actress Akangsha Rawat, who plays Diti, a negative character in Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav, says that it has been challenging. The actress adds that the story of the show is very intriguing.


Photo Courtesy Akangsha Rawat Team
Photo Courtesy Akangsha Rawat Team


“Shiv Shakti is the first love story of the universe, it is the story of the first king of Earth Daksh, and his daughters, Aditi, who is the mother of all Devtas, and Diti, whose all children become Demons/Asuras. The story of how and why Devtas Asuras came into the world and the constant battle between them. It has some vital lessons for the audience to contemplate in daily life. That is the specialty of shows by Swastik Productions, they always have a deeper message and they help us become better human beings. It’s not just entertainment,” she says.

She adds,

“I play the negative lead Diti, Asur Mata, from whom the lineage of Asuras starts on Earth, she is the daughter of the 1st king of Earth, wife of Sage Kashyap. She feels injustice was done towards her since childhood and now is done with her children too and so she keeps fighting with Devtas for her rights, the respect and acceptance she never got. It is so far the most difficult character I have ever played. Not just because she is a negative character but because she has multiple shades, you will hate Diti but you will still love her! Her pain is real but her way and actions to get justice is wrong. My background as a theatre actor, especially my training in Himachal with a South American clowning theatre company “Amares Tearro” helped me a lot! In Mumbai, my friends from various theatre groups, especially Kalyan who is again a Physical theatrical clown, helped me a lot! They helped me prepare for this role by building the world of Diti in my own mind and understanding her psychology, she is a woman because of whom Asuras were born on Earth, what would be her body language? How her power and confidence was shown was very challenging. She is the 1st villain of the world, not just a regular negative person.”

Infact she says that this role is impacting her personality in personal life as well,

“Honestly I was so nervous to be playing a vamp for the first time that I kept working deeper and deeper for this character.  Before we started shooting, day and night I was absorbed in Diti, so I have gotten dangerously close to becoming Diti in real life. So far I am holding my ground as Akangsha and only imbibing the positive aspects of Diti. I have become more confident as a person and I find it easier to speak my mind boldly now, as Akangsha I have been a much softer person. I hope to keep the darkness of Diti at bay!

Talking about how she came on board, she says,

“I was called to audition for both Aditi (positive sister) and Diti. I prayed to get Diti, as Aditi was very close to my character Kirtida in my last show Radha Krishna. I wanted to challenge myself this time. I took a huge risk and I knew if I fail I will be written off! I was already struggling with self-doubt and confidence in my personal life owing to many challenges, because this was the first time I would play a villain and so far everyone has loved my portrayal of Diti, so I guess it was worth it!”

She adds,

“Most people who worked with me in Radha Krishna for so many years, are also part of the Shiv Shakti team, but they couldn’t recognize me when they first saw me as Diti. I looked so different. They also couldn’t believe I could play a negative character well, being a very soft face and person but with God’s grace, I proved myself. Hope audiences also like it.”

Talking about the show, she says,

“Our Indian mythology is not mythology, it’s not a myth, it’s our ancient history and the stories are unbelievably amazing and awesome! They entertain but their purpose is to help us live a better life, know our duties and get closer to Nature and God. It is very challenging to play a mythological character, it’s not something every actor can pull off easily, as we mostly act or look unlike real, our dialogues are very difficult, and our costumes are heavy and uncomfortable, doing a mythological show is pure labour. We still have to do it with full conviction and make it look real, comfortable and believable.”

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