Posted on June 21, 2023 at 9:13 am

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Karanvir Sharma on how yoga helped him towards a healthy and better lifestyle

Every year people across the globe observe International Day of Yoga on June 21 to create awareness about the benefits of yoga. Sharing this enthusiasm for this ancient practice that originated in India, Karanvir Sharma talks about taking the path of yoga to move towards a healthy and better lifestyle.


Photo Courtesy Karanvir Sharma Team
Photo Courtesy Karanvir Sharma Team


Karanvir says,

“Yoga is an ancient art that connects the mind and body. It is an exercise that we perform by balancing the elements of our bodies. In addition, it helps us meditate and relax. Moreover, it helps us keep control over our body as well as the mind. It is a great channel for releasing our stress and anxiety. I, feel it is always important to be fit so that we can function actively and explore new opportunities. Yoga is the key for me to be fit.”

He further adds,

“It helps me in keeping my mental and physical health intact. It helps me to connect to nature. Also, my body has become more flexible after consistent yoga practice. It also helps you to develop a great sense of self-discipline and self-awareness. In short, it improves our well-being and gives us better clarity in thoughts.”

Lastly Sharma says,

“After starting practicing yoga I feel the freshness and difference in day to day activities. I, personally feel that once the consistency is maintained, our body starts to speak. My body becomes better and I feel more confident, more powerful, more aligned and balanced in my life. I truly wish everyone Happy International Yoga day Stay Fit and Happy.”

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