Posted on June 9, 2023 at 7:59 am

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Arpit Ranka: No actor can be satisfied with his career all the time

There will be ups and downs, there will be missed opportunities as one goes along one’s careers, says actor Arpit Ranka who made his television debut with Mahabharat in 2013 and his portrayal of Duryodhan made him a household name. Ankit says that as long as you enjoy the journey, everything else falls in place.


Photo Courtesy Arpit Ranka Team
Photo Courtesy Arpit Ranka Team


“I am very satisfied with how my career has shaped up. I have been in the industry for 20 years and in my career of 20 years I have seen many ups and downs. But I think when I came to the industry, I had no experience, no background. Right now, wherever I’m in my career, everyone here knows me, fans and people in the industry know me. And if they support my work, then that is the biggest achievement for me. I think no actor can ever be satisfied in the industry because he thinks that he has to do good work all the time, he has to do better,” he says.

He adds,

“When I look back at my career journey, I feel that I have struggled a lot. All actors do. And I have missed some chances as well. I think in this industry, luck plays an important part. And I feel that if you achieve something by struggling, then you have value for that thing. If I would have got work as soon as I came, then I would not value that work. I feel quite happy that I have worked so hard and am now receiving the rewards. Getting opportunities was not in my hand and maybe I might have missed a lot of good ones because at that time I was new in the industry. There are days when we have no work and days when we have three projects going on at the same time. So, we get confused about what to do and it gets difficult. But I did work hard and wholeheartedly worked towards my goals.”

Work opportunities have increased now, says Arpit, adding,

“All these mediums are good for us actors like YouTube, TV, Films, etc. It benefits all of us. Ours is such a field in which there is a lot of competition. Whoever wants to do acting, modelling has to come to Mumbai. If you’re a doctor or an engineer, you can work anywhere in the world but if you want to get into acting, you have to come to Mumbai and face the competition. I’m happy that because of these platforms, we all are getting opportunities.”

Talking about the work he wants to do, he says,

“I work on projects that I enjoy since I haven’t yet reached the point where I can get to only do the type of work that I want to do. But I can definitely choose from the offers I get. It’s up to me. But there is this one, a positive character, that I believe I will perform well and that people will enjoy. After playing a lot of negative characters, now I want to play a good character.”

He adds,

“I’ve dreamed and will continue to dream about things. My dream will come true one day. The dream role that I want to do is of Mahadev and I will do that in a film and that is for sure. And till date, I have got whatever I wanted from the true mind. This role of Mahadev, it has all the shades and I find myself perfect for that role. And I have faith in Mahadev.”

Ask him how he updates his skills, and he says,

“For that, I think about it on the spot, keeping my character in mind. I also seek ideas, suggestions, or perspective from the directors. I do my best to play the role in accordance with the director’s vision. I make an effort to stay fit and active.”

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