Posted on May 18, 2023 at 5:04 am

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Sai Ketan Rao signs off as Raunaq Reddy with a heart warming post

Sai Ketan Rao is undoubtedly one of the most talked about actors from our screens. For the past few months, he has been amazing the audience as Raunaq Reddy in Star Plus’ Chashni.


Photo Courtesy Sai Ketan Rao Instagram
Photo Courtesy Sai Ketan Rao Instagram


The show told the story of two sisters Chandni and Roshni, whose relationship suddenly changed after a shocking turn of events. It also showcased the relationship between Chandni and Raunaq. Raunaq too, had his highs and lows in terms of his relationship with his father.

The show will now be coming to a close and the shoot has seemingly wrapped up too. Sai has shared a heartfelt note on his social media platforms to sign off as Raunaq Reddy.

He captioned his posts:

So, journey of Raunaq finally comes to an end as the story ends,

Loved playing Raunaq in & out, instantly connected with him in no time with the complexities and the spark smile he was carrying on his sleeves always.

A person so jovial but sheer smart, always first for his family, his love and importantly his foes.

Every day while I played this role I discovered something even more deeper in the roles graph….

Definitely on an actor’s note I tried something different and it reached many hearts, it’s been an honour to share this journey with you all

Signing of as Raunaq

Thank you to all the creatives, directors & technicians of team #chashni for giving me the opportunity to play Raunaq

Well, we are sure the fans will be taking away many precious memories of seeing their favourite actor as Raunaq Reddy in Chashni.

Wishing Sai Ketan Rao and the entire team of Chashni everything of the best for the future!

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