Posted on February 24, 2023 at 3:23 am

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In Conversation with Sai Ketan Rao from Star Plus’ upcoming show Chashni!

Following the success of Star Plus’ ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’, Sai Ketan Rao has become a household name worldwide. Fans of this popular actor can once again celebrate as Sai is returning to our screens, this time with Star Plus’ new show, ‘Chashni’.  Sai will be playing the male protagonist Raunaq Reddy and we had to catch up with him to talk about the character and more!

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When you first heard about Raunaq Reddy, how did you feel? Was there an instant connection?

Raunaq is a mysterious role to itself and audience, he doesn’t know his capability but he has gone through a really tough time. He is chirpy, smiling, happy-go-lucky personality but with hidden intention inside, he is here for an objective. All these mixed characteristics made me connect to Raunaq Reddy

For Raghav we saw that his family and business are most important to him, what are the things that Raunaq holds close to his heart?

For Raunaq it is his mother and his hidden objective which is why he is here. He would do anything for these two.

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The new show comes with a new pairing too, are there any special ways in which you and Amandeep (Chandni) are working on creating magic on screen?

We usually rehearse the scenes before shooting on sets

Raghav Rao had some funny and memorable lines like ‘Ardam Ayinda’, ‘Bindi Wali Aunty’ and ‘Saree Ka Dukaan’. Will Raunaq Reddy have any catchy lines too? Can we have some clue if there will be?

He will be having a few as of now, something like “hello miss fire brigade” (laughs)

How do you feel about South Indian representation on a Hindi GEC (General Entertainment Channel) through your shows and through your characters?

We all are experimenting, many things are yet to be learnt, all I can say is times are changing, audiences have evolved drastically and we should be taking a new approach, mixing cultures and new style of representations.

This is your second show with Sandiip Sickand, what do you feel sets his shows apart from the rest?

All I know is the character, to be honest; I haven’t compared anyone’s work. I think what sets any show apart from contemporaries is the amount of team work and good will which is given by the audience. If audience are glued to it, that’s it, we made a difference.

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From the Indian television industry, are there any actors who you have become a fan of or really admire?

Many have admired me and supported me during this journey and I would thank them all for being with me always.

Last year you launched your own production house, Aurum Motion Pictures. Do you plan on one day venturing into TV and OTT production too?

Yes we would be venturing out that’s for sure, we are still in a nascent stage. One day we will be making this mark.

Your posts on social media are always witty and interactive such as your photo captions and tweets. Do you take the time to come up with posts or is it all spontaneous?

It’s spontaneous.

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Stress and anxiety are becoming more common lately, how do you deal with stress and anxiety?

Fitness, good food keeps me away from stress.

There is so much of love and best wishes that fans are sending for you, what message do you have for your fans from all around the world?

Fans have always been an integral part for me, they are here to support and bless me, I believe them, I am blessed each day by them, sometimes I just sit down and think “how is this possible?, maybe this is a dream.” Thank you always for believing in me!

Well, we certainly cannot wait to meet Raunaq Reddy on our screens and watch the story of Chashni unfold! Wishing Sai Ketan Rao and the rest of the team of Chashni everything of the best!
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