Posted on February 24, 2023 at 4:27 am


Turkey-Syria earthquake: Mother nature has a way of curing itself, say celebs

The Turkey Syria Earthquake has proved again that natural calamities can happen anytime. With many high rises collapsing in these regions, living every day can be a scary thought. Here is what these celebrities have to say about this.


Nikhil Nanda

I am a strong believer of the fact that the earth is not designed for so many people to hold. We are close to 8 billion people on earth. When India got independence in 1947, the population was only 31 crore and the world population was around 160 crore in 1947 and today the world population is more than 800 crore. The earth by certain scientific observations says that 400 crore is the ideal population that the earth can easily support. All these natural calamities that we are seeing in the form of tsunami, earthquakes and pandemics are all a reason because mother nature has a way of curing itself. If you remember the greenery came back, the animals roaming around had a growth and the air got cleaned up during the lockdown. So basically, these are all warning signs for us.


Mitaali Nag

I would lie if I say the thought of me or my family, getting stuck in a natural calamity doesn’t scare me. Every time, there is news about one and how innocent lives are lost because of a natural calamity. I thank God that we are safe. A lot of my fans, who look up to me, would be disappointed to know that I haven’t yet tried to find out if my high rise is earthquake proof neither have I taught my family the protocols to follow god forbid there is one. But as I write this, I have asked my husband to google all the protocols to be followed and we are going to make my son and other family members aware of it.


Hitanshu Jinsi

I really feel bad for the people of Turkey, Syria and others around the globe who have lost their loved ones due to earthquakes. We cannot do anything about it; it’s an act of God and death will come when it has to come. We can’t live in fear thinking about fear. I remember when I was 15 years old, a very big earthquake had hit Jammu and Kashmir where the wires and electric poles were fallen and damaged and there was power cut everywhere. That incident was really scary and horrible. But now I don’t get scared anymore. Now I know whatever is happening is happening for a reason. We may not be able to see the bigger picture but we must trust the artist who made us.


Nivedita Basu

Today only we were having this discussion as we come from Kerala and we have our ancestral property there and our part of Kerala has been untouched by earthquakes and floods but Turkey and Syria showed that natural calamities can happen any time and at any place. For years and centuries it didn’t happen but now it’s happening so it does scare us. In a place like Mumbai where we live in a high rise, we don’t know if they are earthquake proof or not.

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