Posted on May 13, 2023 at 1:24 pm

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Juhi Parmar opens up on her OTT debut with Yeh Meri Family

Actress Juhi Parmar has been a household name as she has been loved as one of the most iconic characters of Indian Television, Kumkum.  The actress who is a single mother has continued to juggle between motherhood and her work and has been known to be an inspirational mother as she continues to share her journey on her social media.

Juhi is now all set to make her OTT Debut with Yeh Meri Family Season 2.  Juhi says,

“I’m glad to be exploring a new medium with Yeh Meri Family!  Honestly, the kind of work and experimentation on OTT is brilliant and I am glad that I can take up work across mediums and be able to entertain my audience with each project of mine.  When Yeh Meri Family Hai was offered to me I fell in love with Nirja’s character.  She’s a teacher, she’s a wife, she’s a mother, she’s a daughter in law, she’s so relatable and I felt that here’s one character that many women will identify with.  And there’s a beautiful 90s flavor in Yeh Meri Family Hai which has nostalgia kick in for many of us as the simplicity of those days, the lives and the intricacies were so different.  I am excited for my audience to see me in a new avatar and I’m looking forward to experimenting more in OTT shows.  When I look at content on OTT I love that the characters are so real, they are not just defined by relationships but rather the writing is based on creating a personality.”

Ask her whether there’s any nervousness and she says,

“I wouldn’t say that I’m nervous but rather I’m really excited. There’s a countdown happening in my head to D-Day and I just can’t wait….”

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