Posted on May 15, 2023 at 4:12 am

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Aman Sutdhar on his show Junooniyatt: It has something for everyone

The musical TV show is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey’s Dreamiyata Production and also stars Ankit Gupta and Neha Rana in pivotal parts. There is a lot of buzz around the fiction and the actor talks about being a part of it.


Photo Courtesy Aman Suthadar Team
Photo Courtesy Aman Sutdhar Team


Actor Aman Sutdhar says that his show, Junooniyatt,is interesting for all kinds of audiences. The actor says that the show’s story is deeply entrenched in music, which is something everyone relates to.

“This show is quite unique. It has something or the other for everyone. For the youth, college-going viewers, there is college life. For the older audience, there is the family drama, then music for music lovers. Music, for me, is a gift from God and to everyone. Music has no language, it’s a vibe. Whether we understand the language or not, just by the vibe of the music, we start liking that song. We don’t know the South language, but we like the vibe of his music. Anyway, music means a lot to me because music videos have given me recognition in Punjab. I have done nearly 200 music videos,” he says.

Music-based love stories always generate a lot of interest, especially by the youth, he says, adding,

“There are many musical love stories like Aashiqui, Aashiqui 2, and they always work. Audiences always connect more with musical shows or movies. When a romantic or a sad song comes on the screen, the screen looks more real.”

Talking about the importance of his show, he says,

“This character is very important for me because I have been working in the Punjab industry for the past 20 years.  But, with this character, I can prove my acting. There are already famous artists in this show. There is Ankit ji, Gautam ji, Neha ji, and so I want to get myself noticed in this character as well.”

The entertainment industry is said to be full of stress and pressure. Talking about the same, he says,

“Stress is there in all kinds of jobs. Only, in this line, we get a chance to talk about how we worked so hard and struggled. Every person has his own decision to do any work. So, everything on Facebook will also do the same. So, I think the whole world struggles, it has to be done to stay alive. Struggle is not a big deal, just that Waheguru’s vision should be fulfilled, everything seems easy after that.”

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