Posted on April 4, 2023 at 9:59 am

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Sheela Sharma conveys gratitude to the audience as Rabb Se Hai Dua crosses 100 episodes

Sheela Sharma portrays the character of Dadi in Rabb Se Hai Dua that has recently completed 100 episodes. The show is being produced by Prateek Sharma’s Studio LSD. The actor shares how the team is celebrating the milestone and what she feels has worked for the show.

“I would first like to congratulate and send my best wishes to the entire team.  I am thrilled that our show has completed 100 episodes and I’m praying for many more 100s to come,” she continues, “I am glad that the show has successfully been able to form a connect with the audience. We all are trying our best to entertain our viewers, so this positive feedback means a lot. We promise to keep them entertained throughout. My experience of working with Prateek Sharma ji and Studio LSD have been amazing.  Prateek Sharma ji is a perfect producer, who cares for the entire team be it actors, technicians, his entire staff…. he gives us due respect and makes us feel like a big family. Dil se Duaa nikalti hai unke liye (smiles).”

Showering more praises on Prateek, she adds,

“Prateek Sharma is a very energetic and dedicated producer.  He knows the pulse of the audience and that’s how he has proved himself in his earlier shows. He is like an elder brother, a friend, family to all and a son to me.  I feel very proud to be associated with his production house Studio LSD.”

Sheela says that TRP of a show matters.

“To be honest the TRP does bother you but at the same time it is important as motivates us to do our best and prove ourselves,” she shares.

Talking about the a scene/sequence which is close to her heart, she adds,

“All scenes are mindblowing, be it with Dua (Aditi Sharma) and Haidar (Karanvir Sharma) or Gazal and Gulnaaz or with Rahat, Ruhaan , Kainath , Noor or Heena .I’m in love with all my co-stars and it’s a blessing that we all gel well with each other. But yes I have a special bonding with Dua. We share the same birth date and sun signs, so rest goes without saying. Aditi is a sweetheart and she is nice to all. As Dadi, every scene I have has amazing dialogues. Our director Yusuf ji conceives the scenes so well ki maza aa jata hai.”

Highlighting the challenging part of a daily soap, Sheela takes a pause before replying,

“The challenging part is to make the audience love our show amid all the competition to strive and forge ahead and give our best. We want to give the best to our audience, something that they love to see us doing more and more, and enjoy as well.”

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