Posted on December 9, 2022 at 1:03 am

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Karanvir Sharma talks about Prateek Sharma’s Rabb Se Hai Dua!

Actor Karanvir Sharma says that his new show Rabb Se Hai Dua produced by Prateek Sharma (Studio LSD Pvt. Ltd.) has something for everyone. The actor says that the concepts in the show are such that everyone will be able to relate to it.

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“I’m the kind of a guy who believes in the power of manifestation and I have manifested this. I think Rabb Se Hai Dua is for everybody, whoever wishes for that one thing in life,” he says.

Talking about how he came on board, he adds,

“There were a lot of factors but the biggest reason was my mom. I was still not sure but then she told me to go and meet the producers, they are really nice people. I look at the whole thing now. It has to be worthwhile, it has to be a layered character, it has to be a good script, a good production house and good production values to it. The first person to get me on board was Veeru. We’ve worked before in Haq Se, and we met after long years. For him to keep me in mind and have that regard, reassured me. I know him as a creative and he’s of the same intellect. He made me meet the producers, they are very intelligent, and everything was falling into place. I wanted to do a good prime-time show because that is also equally important.”

The show is sure to stand out, says Karanvir, adding,

“I think it has been a long since we have seen a show with an Islamic backdrop on Zee TV and that’s one uniqueness. At the same time, it has a bit of a culture so that it going to make it different and yet you don’t want it to be too different. We are going to try to engage the audience with a good performance.”

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