Posted on April 3, 2023 at 5:25 am

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Fans are loving Eisha Singh’s portrayal of Bela in Bekaaboo

Lately, one name that has been making a lot of headlines is Eisha Singh, firstly, for her top notch performance in the movie Middle Class Love, and secondly, for her grand entry in show Bekaaboo.

The show, Bekaaboo, is one of its own kind as is being talked about a lot for is unique story line wherein Eisha Singh happens to play the lead character in the show which drives the story line ahead.

Since the day, Bekaaboo first aired, one thing that the audience has been loving a lot is Eisha Singh’s performance as the character Bela and have left no stones unturned to appreciate their beloved Eisha Singh. With acting skills as good as Eisha has the audience gets to experience a character in the best way possible taking the character and the show to greater dimensions.

Here’s what a twitter user had to say about Eisha’s acting skills

What a amazing performance by Eishu 👏 Her acting is so real 🌸 Thank You! Eishu For making us happy throughout your character #fairyBela  🧚‍♀️🥀….

With Eisha Singh in the show, the one thing we can be more than sure about is that the show is bound to be a hit.

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