Posted on March 22, 2023 at 4:32 am

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Bekaaboo transports you into a world like never before!

Colors’ and Balaji Telefilms’ latest show, “Bekaaboo”, has recently premiered, and in its first weekend, the viewers are already engrossed in the enchanting story.

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Bekaaboo opened up by providing some history about the lives of the Rakshas and Paris. Viewers were introduced to the rakshas Balka. He was in deep meditation to obtain the ‘Asi Astra’, which is a powerful weapon to transport the rakshas to any realm of the universe they want. Balka had three sons and a daughter. One of them, played by Arijit Taneja, died, which left behind Pratham (Zain Imam) and Ashwat (Karan Jotwani). Balka’s daughter, Yamini (Monalisa), is a rakshas who wants to remain a cold-hearted rakshas.

In the Pari Lok realm, the Queen of fairies (Shubhaavi Choksey), gets alarmed by what would happen if the demons obtain the Asi Astra. She then sends her daughter, Devlekha (Shivangi Joshi), to disturb Balka’s meditation. Devlekha successfully breaks the meditation by causing a fight between Pratham and Ashwat, as they are both Balka’s weaknesses.

To avenge this, Pratham marries Devlekha by deceit. Devlekha killed him and died thereafter.

Devlekha reincarnates years later as Bela, played by Eisha Singh, who is not clear about her past life yet, but does feel something strange about it. On the other hand, we were introduced to Ranav, played by Shalin Bhanot. Ranav is said to be Ashwat’s son. Ranav’s guardian appears to be his aunt Yamini, who has three sons herself.

The conflicts which arise from the past will set this story into motion in the coming episodes.

The story is fresh and exciting and the cast is quite commendable too. Both Eisha Singh and Shalin Bhanot have already won the viewers’ hearts as Bela and Ranav, respectively. Monalisa also shines as Yamini, and you cannot help but wonder what she is going to do in future. Her sons, especially Adiraj (Abhishek Kumar), appear as ones who could stir some more trouble, and Yamini believes she has married a human (Chetan Hansraj), could there be more to it? Ranav and Bela’s identities also raise many questions.

These many questions make Bekaaboo a must-watch, and we cannot wait to see how the story unfolds in future.

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