Posted on March 8, 2023 at 9:22 am

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This Women’s Day, Hetal Yadav shares a special message for all the women out there!

Imlie actress Hetal Yadav, who has had a great body of work and is known for starring in over 30 shows in the past 25 years is known for speaking her heart out on the public domain is known for her head strong personality. On the occasion of Womens Day, Hetal calls out the toxic feminism and the mentality of a woman perceiving the other woman which is truly one of the biggest problems prevailing in the society.

To begin with, the actress spoke about whether she has faced harassment at her work place for being a female. To which she says

“Every woman has faced some sorts of barriers in their careers, by default. Even in the past, women have spoken about it. But nowadays both the genders face harrasment at their work place, but the good part is that people are now talking about it. But talking about myself, I have also faced harassment at my work place for being a woman. But I was prudent enough to ignore it and get away from it. I feel at times, a woman is the biggest enemy of a woman. I have faced a lot of harrasment by my other female co-workers, and this happened to me in the very initial phase of my career. The insecurity within a woman is something that makes a female destroy the other female by going to any extent, and I think that is something that the women should abandon”

Furthermore, the actress spoke about how she has evolved as a woman in all over these years by changing her image of being a shy and a timid girl to being a headstrong woman. She says

“I have broken stereotypes at each and every phase of my life. I was a very shy girl in my teenage days and I was very timid. I remember, whenever I needed some notes from my friend who had two brothers, I never went inside and I used to take the notes from my friend and leave from the door itself. Nobody thought that I’ll be a choreographer or will take up acting as a profession. So yes, I had a certain type of an image that I broke in these years and ended up being a far more evolved human being”

Lastly, on a parting note! The actress has a special yet a very heartfelt message for all the women out there. She says,

“Lastly, I feel a woman fails to understand the other woman and then we blame the men out there for not understanding women. But I have seen females also failing at understanding the other female. Just a message to all the women out there, that if you can’t contribute positively in a woman’s life so don’t atleast pull her leg and drag her down. Healthy competition is always good, but politics and insecurity that a woman has in order to bring the other one down is not correct. If you want to compete compete in terms of work, but don’t play malicious in order to pull the other one down. This is a message from one female to the other one”

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