Posted on February 14, 2023 at 3:30 am

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Celebs on the significance of the day, also share their plans

Love is the universal emotion that binds us all. It is the reason why the world feels a better place. Celebrating the day of love is therefore special. With Valentine’s Day round the corner, everyone is looking forward to spending the day with their near and dear ones and that special someone. Celebs share about the significance of V-Day, their plans and more:


Priya Paramita Paul

Well, Valentine’s Day used to be one of the important days when I was back in college and also when I was working. Though now it’s a normal day, because I continue working on V-Day. This year, I also plan to do the same. Love means a lot of things. For me it’s all about loving myself, being kind and compassionate with myself and then how much I am loving everyone around me, my friends, my family and everyone who I talk to in my daily life.


Aniruddh Dave

For me the value of Valentine’s Day has changed because it’s my son’s birthday and his is also Anishq which has ishq in the end. He was born on 14th February and he is my ishq. Also it’s his second birthday and earlier I didn’t celebrate my birthday in Mumbai. Love is an intense, deep affection for a person. Love also means to feel this intense affection for someone. I feel that love is really a beautiful moment to be in and it can be with anyone. It is a happy feeling to be in. For me love is my family and work. It gives me immense happiness and love.


Charrul Malik

Well, Valentine’s Day is a very special day. Though every day is Valentine’s Day, I don’t know why only 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day but it’s good that we have a dedicated day to celebrate love, Affection and respect. It’s a very significant day and we all are bound to celebrate such specific days and I really look forward to this day too. I also feel that we should celebrate valentines day with ourselves too instead of always celebrating it with/for others. Because before others you need to make yourself happy and also a day to specially express your love towards your parents, family, friends, husbands, lover, staff, everyone. A big day is supposed to exchange feelings, gifts, and positive vibes. I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but I will definitely do something different this day. I will purchase gifts for people who are really close and matter the most to me and might go for lunch or dinner depending upon my shoot.


Akashdeep Sabir

There was a time when this occasion was celebrated with a lot of interest. It was celebrated with more shows and displays, but now it has lost its magic as such, and the celebrations are low key.  Twenty-five years into the marriage, love remains and there is no need to do an out-and-out celebration as such for just a day. We love each other every day. Also, our lifestyle has become such that there are occasions three times a week, so more dining out means putting on more weight.


Sudhanshu Pandey

To me there’s no one particular day where you need to celebrate or recognize love. We need to recognise love every single day and every single moment of our lives. We are blessed with good health, blessed with good family, blessed with work, blessed with so many things in our lives and that is the love that the almighty is giving us and we should celebrate it every day. We should celebrate Love with our spouses, with our parents, brothers, sisters, with our children. It is the most precious gift we have, relationships and no relationship can be complete without feeling loved by them and vice versa.  So love is something that we need to feel all the time and be grateful to feel that emotion. Be grateful for the love that we get from other people who we love and they love us back. So yes, for me every day is a celebration of love. The only thing that we need to focus on is spreading, and giving love around because that’s what everyone needs in the end. We all are hungry for love and we should make this happen.


Rewati Limaye

I don’t have any particular plans for Valentine’s Day and don’t think we should wait for just one day in a year to express our love towards our partners or just to celebrate it on February 14. We should look forward to showering love every day. We always end up going to dinner but this time I feel we will be celebrating it at home and plan to have a little candlelight dinner. To me, love is unconditional. One needs to share love without the condition of receiving it or wanting something in return. I feel it’s the beauty of love that makes you feel joy, express love and give love without any expectations. Now everyone has a very different way of dealing with love. I am the kind of person who is very expressive and romantic person. I am all about hugs and kisses.

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