Posted on January 18, 2023 at 5:40 am

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Where are the Feminazis now? Tina Datta threatens to slap Shalin yet again!

Bigg Boss house is in its last leg but each passing day is a new adventure with the competition only getting tougher. While Shalin Bhanot has been making headlines & taking away maximum screen space during Weekend Ka Vaar, the last few episodes were spent on giving him clarity to steer clear off Tina Datta who as per viewers had been faking her relationship with Shalin for the game.

After family coming in, Farah Khan & Shalin’s mother gave him a reality check, Shalin finally part ways with Tina Datta, after the panel coming this the last weekend, who questioned them again, Shalin had a clear conversation with Tina & suggested that they should maintain a distance & not come in each other’s way & protect their integrity at all costs.

But as luck would have it, all hell broke loose in the house last night & Tina & Shalin engaged in an explosive verbal spat.

Shalin supporting Nimrit’s captaincy didn’t go down well with Priyanka & Tina who lashed out at Shalin & called out his double standards. But before Shalin could justify, Tina went personal & brought out the topic of his ex-wife, even after the host Salman Khan had repeatedly warned the contestants to not talk about personal topics.

Tina didn’t even stop at that, a major part of the conversation was muted but she threatened to slap Shalin yet again. Even previously she had said that if she could, she would slap him.

We wonder where all the feminazis are?

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