Posted on January 19, 2023 at 12:37 am

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Sneha Jain says fan love matters, but she gets upset with crazy ones who cross the line, invades an actor’s personal space

Sneha Jain enjoys exploring different characters and genres. The actor, who was last seen in Saath Nibhana Sathiya 2, shares that fan support encourages her to try out new things and pushes her to try harder. Thankful for all the love her admirers have showered upon her, the actor hopes to live up to their expectations every single time. However, not all fan experiences are pleasant and she elucidates why there is a limit to everything in life.

“I remember meeting people at the airport and them telling me that their mothers are big fans of me. The one which I will never forget was when two kids who were around 13 and 14 years old. So we had a sequence where Harsh Nagar (Actor) and I were shooting in Mira Road market and there two kids who came running towards me and told me that ‘aap toh yeh a didi ho na jisko Anant ji ne shaadi ki raatko chodne Radhika ke pass chale gaye and aap tabhi ro rahe the (in the show)’ they were so cute and I still have a video of them talking to me. I was so shocked that these young kids watched my show religiously and remembered the details too. They also clicked some pictures with us. It feels amazing to experience these things. To see these kids follow our show and their love for us makes us feel amazing,” she says.

Sneha shares that its fan love that matters a lot to her. However, she also admits that some fans at times cross the line without realising that actors too are human beings and need their personal space.

“There are fans who come near you with not the right intention always. They want to hold you, which becomes uncomfortable for the actors too. Once while shooting in Naigaon, There was a little kid who asked me to make a reel so I made it with her. Later on, a girl saw that and came and said, ‘Can you make a reel with me but I told her sorry I cannot make it’. Sometimes they don’t understand that our choices also matter. They stop giving us the space that we want which makes us feel uneasy.  Autograph culture has been replaced by selfies because the generation has changed a lot. But I do miss those times when we used to give autographs. I agree even pictures keep reminding you of the memories but not at the cost of invading someone’s personal space and comfort,” she adds.


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