Posted on January 22, 2023 at 2:57 am

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Tina Datta stands strong against chauvinism & selective feminism

Actress Tina Datta became a household name with Colors’ Uttaran, a cult classic! Times when social media wasn’t in picture; she was a rage, and still continues to be a name everyone would remember as Ichcha.

As the actress got back to small screen after an interval with Colors’ Bigg Boss 16, she has been facing a lot of maligning, backbiting and indeed a wrath of chauvinism and selective feminism being played in the much loved reality shows. But taking a look in depth, her fans are appreciating that she’s still standing strong and firm. Though she broke down last night during the Weekend Ka Vaar; there’s a question we wonder.

Is being a girl causing Tina Datta, as she faces all the chauvinistic and selective feminism attacks? Let’s look at times fans feel she was subjected to these issues.


Our society always finds a vault in women, without considering the psyche or a situation that girl would’ve gone through during a particular event. The most hatred and backlash Tina got was for her relationship with Shalin Bhanot, and some intimate dance that they had. Shalin has beautifully played his self made script, while Tina kept falling for this narrative again and again. She has been vocal of this confusion; but only because probably she is a vocally opinionated and strong woman, who rarely cries in front of the camera. Tina has been subjected to a lot of character attacks. Till date, all she’s worried about is to bring herself out from Shalin’s fake drama that he has created…


Hey feminists, where are you at? It was sad to see how no women who were aware of all the filth Sreejita threw at Tina were quietly laughing. Tina is not even aware of the entire attack Sreejita did on her character. Seems like De’s only motivation to do Bigg Boss was maligning Tina Datta’s image.


Soundarya Sharma was the one who brought the term ‘sugar daddy’ on air in context of Tina. Where she probably took a blind eye at the hardwork Tina has done, and it was sad to see how women are bringing women down. Tina too mentioned a few things Shalin spoke of Sharma, again never did a personal attack; rather said in caution for Soundarya.


Sumbul’s ill gestures on Tina’s height is not new, the way she target the actress’ height after losing an argument. Also, Sajid Khan, one of most chauvinist contestants of season 16, used to call her Batlisha…


Sajid Khan has garnered a lot of respect from contestants in the house. But guess what? He has spoken of everyone and remarked to them… Tina who respected him, also referring to him as sir even during arguments was subjected to rash remarks on her career. Sajid even mentioned that Tina is desperate!

We wonder how the women empowerment movements are shaping as we live in the 21st century. On national television her character has been assassinated several times and even after receiving negative tags, not seeing her side of the story has definitely gotten Tina in the fan’s favorite list. It would be interesting to see how the game will shape ahead for her!!

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