Posted on January 22, 2023 at 3:04 am

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‘A Man also has dignity & character’, Shalin Bhanot’s fans write an open letter to the makers.

When netizens previously stated that Bigg Boss should be renamed as The Shalin Bhanot show, everyone on the internet agreed. Week after week, episode after episode, it seems the makers are only getting footage out of Shalin but that has come at a cost to the man himself who is oblivious of the damage it has done outside.

While the actor has millions supporting him but the fans seem to be very angry at the recent events where Shalin’s integrity is questioned over & over again. First only every promo cut by the channel had Shalin written all over him, but also every Weekend Ka Vaar is directed towards him.

Yesterday when Shalin Bhanot finally crumbled after the treated vetted out to him, fans felt his pain. Shalin shed some tears & immediately gathered himself & even joked with Bigg Boss.

Tonight’s episode turned from bad to worse for the actor when allegations were made against him & Tina won brownie points when she cried & wailed.

Shalin fans have written an open letter & thousands of fans second that during the time of this article.

Some excerpt from the letter read :


  1. There is constant character assassination when he’s tagged as women abuser, wife beater & constant judgements on his failed marriage.


  1. Constant bullying: He’s constantly at the helm of bullying by the hands of his fellow housemates for his medical condition


  1. Slut shaming when everytime he’s referred to as a womaniser.


  1. Blackmailing, when few housemates blackmail him by suggesting that they would reveal details about his past & his failed marriage.


  1. False allegations against him where a fake narrative has been build around him because negative sells & he’s been giving the maximum content & the reason behind the success of this season.

The fans have a very important question for the makers of the show which is ‘Is this much negativity normal for any human only for the sake of content that sells?’

To read the full open letter, check the tweet below


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