Posted on December 13, 2022 at 3:02 am

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Times when Tina Datta went against patriarchal chauvinism in Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss season 16 saw actress Tina Datta’s re-entry last night and she was seen as more fierce and stronger than before. Right after her entry, Tina came in and exposed Shalin’s double faced personality. She lashed out at him and questioned his statements and actions after her eviction.

Looking at how Tina pointed at Shalin’s chauvinist behavior of being with her only for satisfying his food needs, we looked through and found a few times when Tina went against what she found to be typical patriarchal and chauvinist behavior of men in Bigg Boss 16. Tina is amongst the few girls who have actually stood up against the ill behavior of men in the house.


#1. Shalin Bhanot’s Hypocrisy

Not only yesterday, but time and again Tina has spoken against Shalin’s behavior. She has even pointed out to him that she doesn’t need a man to fight her battles, and gave a befitting reply to him whenever he tried to portray that Tina needs dependency. By her actions too, the actress has shunned Shalin’s patriarchal nature, and hypocritical personality.


#2. Shiv Thakre’s Deary Remarks

Shiv Thakre and Tina Datta had a massive verbal spat during the actress’s birthday. In the chaos Shiv was seen provoking Tina by calling her dear, to which Tina kept saying she isn’t comfortable being called ‘dear’ from someone who has done nasty to her. But Thakre didn’t stop. Right after a point, she called his ‘male ego’ and sternly called him out.


#3. Sajid’s Smoking Show-off

Being amongst the only few contestants who dare to go against Sajid Khan, Tina told Sajid that smoking in front of cameras on national television is not ok. He was boasting about his chain smoking habit, and was lashed by Datta with facts. Tina, even mentioned in the confession room to Bigg Boss about Sajid’s selective involvement in the show.


#4. Against Gautam Using Soundarya

Gautam Vig’s gameplay with Soundarya Sharma was first exposed by Tina Datta. She had even warned Soundarya about this and right after Karan Johar exposed Gautam’s game, Tina went and reminded Soundarya about this. Tina’s stand on this typical game of Gautam was later analyzed by others…

Tina Datta has always spoken her heart out in the Bigg Boss house, and stood upfront to all her opinions. She has been stern and bold too. As she re-entered yesterday, it would be interesting to see how the actress will take her game forward.

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