Posted on December 13, 2022 at 4:31 am

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Queen Sumbul’s reign begins in the Bigg Boss house

Last night’s Bigg Boss episode had quite a treat for actress Sumbul Touqeer’s fans. Not only did she become a captain, but she also had a frank talk with her friends in the house and strengthened her relationship with them.

As far as the captaincy task goes, Bigg Boss makes Shalin sit on the throne with Tina, Sumbul, Soundarya and Priyanka beside him. He then announces that Ankit’s rule has ended. A new task is announced where the rest of the contestants are asked to unanimously decide among themselves who will be the five artists who must go and vote for three of their favourite contenders by sticking their pictures on the canvas.

Nimrit becomes the last artist to go in front of the Canvas and votes for Sumbul, Soundarya and Tina and they become the next captains of the BB house! Yes, Bigg Boss has three captains this time!

Well, Tina and Sumbul have also been bonding. Tina tells her, ‘Shaalin kabhi kisi ka nahi ho sakta. Shalin is very smart; he totally knows what he is doing. Do not trust him. Do not talk to him. Do not fall for the same thing again. We both are hurt because of him.’ And we agree!

However, Shalin takes Sumbul aside when the three captains are in the middle of a conversation. He starts by requesting Sumbul about how he thinks the contestants must be placed in the rooms. Later, he asks for her advice about the things that happened and Sumbul tells him to sit and think. She tells him that he needs to calm down and think about everything.

However, this conversation does not sit well with Sajid, who immediately warns Sumbul. He  says, ‘If your father is telling you not to talk to these 2 people. Why don’t you understand.” Sumbul breaks down after Sajid accuses her of favouring Shalin. She tells her new group of friends that she is not a kid. But being the captain, if someone comes to her and talks, she has to talk to them. Shaalin was the one who came to her. Sumbul further tells them that, “inside this house only you all matter, no one else.” Sajid tells her that since she is sitting with them, hanging out, they are a little protective about her, that’s it! Isn’t that so sweet!

Shiv consoles Sumbul saying, “sirf itna dhyaan rakh ki koi tera fayda na uthaye”.

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