Posted on December 30, 2022 at 2:25 am

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On his 80th birthday, Adaa Khan talks about her special connect with Rajesh Khanna

Adaa Khan, who will soon make an appearance in “Naagin 6”, has lived in Bandra all her life. Having crossed Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow Aashirwad so many times, she shared that she has a special connection with the late superstar.

She said,

“I have seen all of Rajesh Khanna’s films with my parents. My father is a huge fan and his favourite films are ‘Aradhana’, ‘Safar’ and ‘Anand’. He told me that they have never missed a film of his and would go to the theater on the same day of the release. It was always a first day show for them. One of his favourite songs is ‘O mere dil ke chain’ and even to date I put Rajesh Khanna’s songs for him. He was the first and only superstar we have ever seen, and he still lives through his films.”

“Also, I don’t know how many times I have crossed his bungalow Aashirwad before it was sold and it always reminded me of the song ‘Zindagi ka safar’. I feel I have a special connection with Rajesh Khanna ji because my parents were such huge fans of his,” she added.

Rajesh Khanna during his lifetime saw both rise and fall, and Adaa feels that he should be remembered for the long list of memorable performances that he left behind.

“Success and failure can go away, but what’s left behind is the work one does during their time on earth and I strongly believe that people should only remember that part of Rajesh Khanna’s life,” she said, adding, “People used to kiss his car. I don’t think anyone during that time had achieved that feat.”

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