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Adaa Khan on her special appearance in Naagin 6

Adaa Khan: It felt beautiful, nostalgic, and more than me I think the fans were excited and happy

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There is much excitement around the latest season of Naagin. The show produced by Ekta Kapoor is at its sixth edition and there is a special appearance by actor Adaa Khan, who played Shesha, Kaali Naagin, Ruchika, and Takshika in the first two seasons of the show.

“I have already shot for this special episode. And of course, it is always amazing to be back as Shesha. It’s a beautiful feeling filled with nostalgia and more than me, fans of the show were excited to have me back and they were so happy. My Instagram is filled with messages, collages of Shesha’s famous dialogues, photo edits, etc. So yes, I was very happy to be back as Shesha,” she says.


The actor, who recently worked on an OTT project, is keen on doing “power-packed roles” on TV.  Non-fiction shows are also welcome.

“I love powerful characters, especially parts that have some impact. Why just fiction, I am also interested in non-fiction shows. I always wanted to do Khatron ke Khiladi, so when I got the opportunity, I lapped it up.  I enjoyed the journey and therefore was very happy and satisfied with that. Other than this, I really don’t know which reality show I will be able to do,” she adds.

On the changing waves in daily soaps in terms of content and quality, Adaa says every time there is a new phase that is coming.

“There was a phase of saas-bahu drama, then came the time of supernatural shows, and now it’s about real stories and unique approaches. At the end of the day, everything depends on how much the audience is able to connect. So I think it’s just more about the way of life and how our society functions,” says the actor.

Adaa Khan on her special appearance in Naagin 6

Meanwhile, her debut OTT film Shubh Mangal Mein Dangal has just been released. There are two other projects lined up.

“In TV, we shoot every day and we don’t know how long the show will go on. Obviously, I want it to last for years and years. When it comes to OTT, you just have either a month or two-month-long shoot. It’s like a finite series,” explains the actor, talking about the difference between both the mediums.

Adaa Khan on her special appearance in Naagin 6

Adaa likes period dramas and fantasy shows on OTT.

“I enjoy such shows. And of course, comedy is also my favorite. I don’t like shows that are negative or make me anxious,” she says.

The actor is quite active on social media but hardly seen socializing. She does not party a lot or attends many events.

“Well, I’m an introvert and I think over the years everybody knows that. I am really not a social person and like to stay indoors when I am not working. I do meet friends for coffee. And only if it is someone very close to me, I would just sit at the party, but just attend for some time and then come back home. That’s how I am,” she ends.

Adaa Khan on her special appearance in Naagin 6
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