Posted on February 23, 2022 at 10:28 am

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The Actors that Inspire Arslan Goni

Arslan Goni: From Daniel Day-Lewis, Irrfan Khan to Leonardo DiCaprio…, I like them all, their performances always amaze me, makes me do better


Arslan Goni has only been chasing happiness all his life. He constantly believes that a person needs to be content, do whatever makes them happy then that will motivate them to become better human beings. It’s that process that he also believes in and gives him a lot of satisfaction. Acting fascinates him, the reason why he has chosen this profession.

The actor is open to anchoring on TV as well.

“But I don’t know what kind of show I would be good at hosting. I don’t watch many of the anchoring shows, but I think it’ll be very good if it’s a talk show. I can do really well there like a  fun talk show and not like having a conversation with someone just for the heck of it,” says the Mystery Man actor.

The fact that Arslan Goni could follow his dream is because his parents supported him 110%.

“They’ve supported me throughout and didn’t have issues with what I’m doing and how much time I’m taking to make my decisions. My parents, my sister have always respected my choices. I’m extremely happy to have such a good and kind family. I left Kashmir when I was 8 years old. I went to boarding school. After finishing 12th I came to Mumbai to study law,” he adds.

The Actors that Inspire Arslan Goni
Talking about the initial challenges in the city.

“Getting a house was the first thing. A Kashmiri Muslim getting a house is quite difficult and it was the initial challenge I faced. It took me a lot of time to get what I wanted.”

Though he loves Mumbai, Arslan misses his family and his hometown Bhaderwah, located in Jammu.

“That’s why I visit my home and Kashmir often, at least 3-4 times every year. All actually depends upon my family, wherever they are, I go there,” Arslan Goni shares.

Talking about his journey so far in the industry, the actor says that he has much more to do and also adds that he has learned so much from different actors at different times.

“Good performances always inspire me. From Daniel Day-Lewis to Irrfan Khan to Leonardo DiCaprio, I like them all. There are so many names that come to my mind. Every time I see them I am like ‘Oh wow, this kind of performance is something that I also want to give, someday hopefully I will be able to’. As an actor what happens is that most of the time when you’re watching someone’s work as an actor yourself you know that okay this is what he is going to do next but then there are few actors who do things you don’t even expect them to do. Those performances amaze you, make you think. This expression on Ranbir Kapoor’s face in the song titled Kun Faya Kun, that expression still haunts me. What state of mind that actor was in at that point in time is something that I want to know. That scene was brilliant,” Arslan Goni ends.

The Actors that Inspire Arslan Goni
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