Posted on November 8, 2022 at 12:15 am

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Ishaan Singh Manhas opens up on being part of Sanjog

Actor Ishaan Singh Manhas, who is part of the show Sanjog, says that he loves being part of the project. The actor, who was last seen in the show Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampann, says that he was finalized at the last moment.


“Sanjog casting had reached its last stage and the shoot was about to start. Casting for Alok’s role was still pending as they were not able to finalise anyone. Then I got a call from their casting head to send an audition urgently. At that time, I was also shooting for a finite series, so I somehow managed to record the audition video at 3 am in the morning and got selected after a few days,” he says.

Talking about his role, he says,

“In Sanjog, I am playing the role of Alok Agrawal. He is a very positive guy. In the show, he is a police officer and also a very protective brother of Amrita (Shefali Sharma). As an honest officer, he gives his 100% to his professional duties, and at the same time he also makes sure that his sister gets a good life. He cannot see tears in her eyes. They don’t have parents so he is like her brother and parent both. There are two families in the show and both have their secrets and wrongdoings. Alok is that one guy in the show who knows about it all and deals with them with time.”

He adds,

“I relate a lot to Alok. Though I don’t have a sister, I am equally caring for my family. And just like Alok, I stick to my principles whether people like it or not.”

The TV industry has evolved and male actors also get substantial roles now, says the actor, adding,

“Even though some shows have a female-centric title, in the story the male actors have the same importance like the female actors. Even the awards are given separately in male and female categories which shows that there is no gender bias.”

Ask him who is his inspiration, and he says,

“Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. While being so talented and hard-working, he is also an inspiration that age doesn’t slow down your talent and determination. I shot for a TV Commercial with him recently where I played the role of his son. It was a great experience and a dream come true for me.”

The actor adds that TV, as a medium, is challenging, but so are other professions.

“Competition is there in every profession. There is no easy way. Sometimes it’s talent, sometimes it’s luck, and sometimes both. We just have to keep trying. You never know where talent, hard work and luck takes you,” he says, adding, “As an actor, right now I don’t want to get into any drama-based reality shows where someone’s real self and weaknesses get exposed. I am a very private person so I don’t like opening so much in front of people whom I don’t even know.”

He says that he has got used to the pressure.

“For us daily soap actors, there is no difference between weekends or weekdays. The shoot schedule is unpredictable and one cannot expect to take holidays. Some shows are being telecast six days a week and some seven days a week. So, the makers have to shoot almost every day. And then there is a race for the best TRP. So, the pressure is from all directions. But we have got used to the pressure and love our work. Unlike films where it’s a 2/3 month shoot, in TV we get to face the camera almost every day. I personally love to face the camera and live the character even if I have to shoot 30 days a month.”


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