Posted on August 30, 2022 at 8:20 am

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Sanjog is a captivating and unique new show to add to your viewing!

The past few weeks brought many new shows to our screens and each new show showcases a promising story and charming characters. One such show is Sanjog, the latest new addition to Zee TV’s ever-intriguing line-up.


Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, Sanjog is the Hindi adaptation of Zee Telegu’s show ‘Ganga Manga’. Viewers understood that the show revolves around two children swapped at birth, but there is much more to this show! In the first week’s episodes, we discovered how both Gauri and Amrita are different from each other.

Gauri (Kamya Punjabi) comes from a background of poverty joins her husband, Gopal (Rajat Dahiya) and mother-in-law (Vaishali Thakkar) in stealing valuable items from people and homes to hand over to their chief. She has a deep wish to live a luxurious life free from the shackles of her current circumstances. This wish deepened after she saw a photo of Amrita while stealing from Amrita’s farmhouse. Gauri assumes how lucky Amrita is to be the owner of such a regal farmhouse and assumes Amrita would have no problems in her life, but she is wrong!

After meeting Amrita (Shefali Sharma), the viewers saw how she is a humble and generous woman who aims to see the good in others. Amrita, just like Gauri, also has a deep wish. Amrita wishes to be a mother. She has made various attempts to have a child but none was successful. To add to the pressure, her mother-in-law (Dolly Minhas) insists that her family gets an heir soon. Amrita appeared to have a great marriage with a loving husband, Rajeev (Rajniesh Duggall); however, this is not true. Rajeev is secretly having an affair with Rakshita (Sonyaa Ayodhya) who is also Amrita’s best friend for the last three years. He faces pressure from Rakshita to divorce Amrita and give her the position of his wife. Amrita also has a supportive brother Alok (Ishaan Singh Manhas), who is a police officer and plays a crucial role in her life.

While these two families experience different situations, it will be interesting to see how their lives intertwine.

The show stands out for its refreshing presentation and contrasting families. The performances of the entire cast also stand out. Sanjog airs Monday to Friday on Zee TV and streams on Zee5, both worldwide.




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