Posted on November 22, 2022 at 1:54 am

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Actor Arjit Taneja slams Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father for his advice to Sumbul

Bigg Boss season 16 has been witnessing a major drama since a couple of episodes. The entire incident of Tina calling out Sumbul against her obsession towards Shalin and later Salman too bashing Sumbul for this have taken a heated route. Now, once again the makers have allowed Sumbul’s father to advise her. Mr Toqueer Khan advised Sumbul to show Shalin and Tina their ‘aukat’!


When the channel put this promo out, it caused a lot of undivided opinions bashing Sumbul’s father for giving his daughter a degrading advise. Actor Arjit Taneja too came out slamming her father, commented, “Seriously? The father is telling the daughter “ki unko unki aukat dikhao” :/ What advice!”

Photo Courtesy Tina Datta Team
Photo Courtesy Tina Datta Team

Tina and Shalin had a massive argument after the dirty fight between Shalin and MC Stan. During that incident Sumbul wasn’t allowing Tina to talk to Shalin and things eloped when Tina was requesting her to allow them a moment alone to talk. And Sumbul denied ! Salman Khan particularly raised this topic and pointed out her obsession towards Shalin. Now, while Sumbul is in a spot, netizens also feel her father should question his daughter’s actions first!

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