Posted on October 3, 2022 at 8:03 am

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Tina Datta: Bigg Boss is the most challenging reality show

After being approached year after year for Indian television’s biggest reality show, actress Tina Datta is finally gracing the Bigg Boss house as a contestant on season 16.



Tina is one of the most anticipated contestants this season. Among a host of other prominent names, Tina Datta stands out as one the girl favourites. With her cute looks, girl next door charm and a good style sense, Tina is definitely breaking records this year.

Speaking about what made her finally say yes to the show, Tina shares,

“Bigg Boss is the most challenging reality show on Indian Television.  Honestly, I always thought that I can’t take it up, but then there comes a time in life when one must take risks, one must take on challenges head on and I think this year is that year, when everything fell into place. So yes I will be a part of Bigg Boss this season.


“I would also call myself a survivor and someone who has been independent since a very young age. Hence I know that the Bigg Boss challenge is something I can definitely overcome with flying colours”, concludes Tina.




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