Posted on October 6, 2022 at 8:56 am

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Gautam Singh Vig turns an advisor in the house and fans love it!

The Carnival of Bigg Boss has been enthralling since day one. Unlike every other season, this year the contestants have been sensible enough to understand and react to situations.


Yesterday the house witnessed a lot of fights and one among them was a slight rift between Manya Singh and Soundarya in the kitchen.

Manya Singh later came at the garden area and was sitting there with Gautam Singh Vig. Gautam who observed the situation, took some time and advised Manya. He made Manya understand that this is not who she is.

She is not here to show her 16 contestants, instead she has an audience of 130 crores who are watching her from outside. For many who she is an inspiration too. Manya was listening to this and understood and realised her mistake.

She became a bigger person and asked apologies to Soundarya. She told her that it was the heat of the moment that made her react in such a way. To which Saundarya too calmed down and both ended on a good note.

While fans outside have been pouring in love for Gautam. They are loving his different faces inside the game of being an ice and fire at different situations that are demanding him to be. Well, as they say a friend in need is a friend indeed and we appreciate this little and sweet gesture of Gautam Singh Vig towards Manya Singh!

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