Posted on October 15, 2022 at 3:10 am

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Friend or foe, What is Shalin up to? Read to know more!

Since the day Bigg Boss 16 started, we saw how the contestants have had arguments and huge fights since the new love story began on the show. In today’s episode, we saw how despite knowing Gautam has feelings for Soundarya, Shalin crosses all lines and kisses her, whereas Shalin just confessed that he has feelings for Tina.


A day before yesterday, Shalin came to Gautam and made it evident that he have feelings for Tina but as a friend Gautam supported him. Also, he said that if you genuinely feel for her then confess and don’t hurt her feelings. Also, we can see how much Gautam likes Soundarya but she is also very confused between the two.

But then, now in the recent episode, the two had seen at loggerheads as Shalin in fun, kisses Soundarya Sharma which doesn’t go down well with Gautam as he likes her. Seems like there is a split between the two and things don’t seem to get mended between them.

In one of the conversations with Tina, where Shalin was trying to woo her, he said that he was best friends with his ex-wife, Daljeet Kaur. Whereas Tina said that she is a friend of Daljeet and it would be quite awkward if something brews between them. His former wife has not taken lightly to this. She took a stand on social media and spoke about what stories and lies this man is spreading inside the house.

Meanwhile, Gautam Singh Vig is coming out as one of the most intriguing contestants in the house, he is grasping maximum eyeballs in the show with his Cheerful behaviour.

Who do you think Shalin is, a genuine friend towards Gautam or not?

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