Posted on October 4, 2022 at 9:25 am

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Are we going to witness a beautiful friendship between Shalin & Sumbul, fans make a hashtag #Shabul

Two days into Bigg Boss 16 & the audience is getting the glimpse of the contestants & their relationship with fellow inmates & already talking the future.



Earlier today Shalin Bhanot was trending on Twitter after his pool scene in the first episode where he was asked to dive into the pool thrice as a part of the task. While the girls seem to be drooling over the new bachelor in town, a section of the Bigg Boss loyalists also seem to have taken liking to friendship blossoming between Shalin & Sumbul who seem to got on the right foot.


One fan wrote that he hopes to see the two of them in same team.


Anil Merani spoke about their camaraderie.


One fan wrote that he’d like to see more on their friendship

& There were many more who were rooting for the two actors who seem to have got along like house on fire.

Bigg Boss house has seen friendships flourishing inside the house, that have stayed beyond the show as well. Only time will tell if they are in one team or this friendship will be shortlived.

Keep watching this space for more.

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