Posted on October 9, 2022 at 4:27 am

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After Shalin – Sajid war of words, Sajid roots for Shalin to be the next Captain

Bigg Boss 16 is full of surprises we can tell. The first week went by in a jiffy & we got a glimpse of groups that would happen & people who would not get along.


Shalin & Sajid emerged as two opinionated, strong headed individuals who didn’t mince their words. When Shalin nominated Sajid during the first week, the latter took it very personally & this began war of words between the two.

While netizens got excited as this could have been the first big dispute between two strong contenders, Sajid broke the chain & tried to make amends to make up for his wrong allegations towards Shalin.

During the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman invited 10 inmates to have a lavish meal with him as they discussed the workings of first week.

Sajid was asked to name a movie against every contestant present on the table.

When it was Shalin’s turn, we’d expected he’d get dirty again but to everyone’s surprise, he said the movie that would describe Shalin best would be Captain & that he hopes him to be the coming weeks to which Shalin responded by extended his hand.

Looks like the two big boys have let the bygones be bygones & looking to star afresh, but maybe only time will tell. Remember there are no permanent friendships or enemies in Bigg Boss house.

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