Posted on June 22, 2022 at 3:16 am

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Colors’ latest show ‘Harphoul Mohini’ delivers a fresh and adventurous take on love and cultures.

Harphoul Mohini is the newest offering by Colors and stars Shagun Sharma and Zebby Singh in lead roles. The promos of the show indicated that we can expect a unique take on love and the cross between two cultures. The show delivers just that and so much more!


At first, we met Harphoul (Zebby Singh), who is from Haryana. Harphoul is always ready to save others even if it means putting his life in danger. On the other hand, Mohini (Shagun Sharma) is just as ready to go the extra mile to save patients’ lives as she practices as a nurse. While this is a similarity between the two, the story also highlights the differences in their family settings. Harphoul lives with his mother played by Supriya Shukla and his brother and sister-in-law. Harphoul also has three friends who are no less than brothers to him. He has big dreams about his family’s land and also getting his brother Santo (Amal Sehrawat) treated as Santo has a disability with a leg.

Mohini lives with both her parents and three sisters in Kerala. Among the green and beautiful places in the region, women are seen to be given much respect and opportunity. In Haryana we see the opposite on the show. The first few episodes were set against the backdrop of the Baisakhi festival in Haryana and the festival of Vishu in Kerala. Both festivals celebrate harvest time. While the celebrations may have been in the air, Mohini’s father faces a predicament after losing his job. He then worries about how he will get his daughters married if they have to sell their gold jewellery to pay off their house’s mortgage.

Back in Haryana, Harphoul’s evil uncle Balwant wants to purchase Harphoul’s ancestral land but Harphoul refuses as he has many dreams linked to the land. Balwant challenges Harphoul to get married within a month or else the land will belong to the ‘panchayat’ (village council). In Kerala, Mohini’s father tells her that he will agree to sell the gold if she can find a groom who will marry her without expecting gold from them. Both Harphoul and Mohini find themselves in a challenging yet similar situation. It will be interesting to see how destiny brings the two together to end these challenges.

The entire cast gives off stellar performances. The relationships between the characters such as Mohini and her father’s bond and Harphoul and his mother’s bond are heart-warming to watch. It will be quite exciting to see what happens when Harphoul and Mohini meet and how the North and South will collide!

Harphoul Mohini airs Monday to Friday on Colors TV (India, UK and South Africa) and Aapka Colors (USA).

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