Posted on November 4, 2018 at 4:46 pm

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Zebby Singh gets candid about Papa By Chance!

Actor Zebby Singh, who is currently seen in Sonali and Aamir Jaffer’s (Full House Media) Papa By Chance, talks about his character in the show and why he loves being part of it.

What are the prominent shows you have done?

I have played a prominent role in Manmarziyaan where I played the role of Tapsee Pannu’s brother in that film.

What are your character details? What is so special about your look?

My character Yuvaan Chopra is a rich lad who is self-centred. Yuvaan’s life takes a drastic turn when he’s involved in a car accident and 3 kids come into his life. Ultimately, Yuvaan leaves his old life in order to fulfil the needs of his three children.

How much do you relate to your character in the show?

I don’t relate much to the character as I know the value of my relations and I am also a very focused person. However, I like the way character is growing each passing day.

How do you feel being a young father?

Being a young father is quite difficult practically because all the responsibilities of your children and family come on your shoulders. One needs to understand the value of spending quality time with kids & family.

The title of the show Papa By Chance is quite unique. Comment

The title is quirky and justified. I fell in love with the title and it grabs a lot of attention. The makers Sonali and Amir have come up with a very unique story which is very relatable. There isn’t a show with such a unique concept as of now.

How is it working with full house media? (Sonali and Amir Jaffer)

It’s amazing to work with Sonali and Amir as they both are very supportive and humble. It makes a lot of difference when your producer is very creative and totally involved in the project.

Any interesting incident from the set?

The most interesting thing on the set is the time I spent with those kids, they are very cooperative and adorable. I love to play with them. Their pranks and their drama is very entertaining.
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