Posted on February 11, 2022 at 8:33 pm

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Vivian Dsena: When you’re scared of performing

Sirf Tum Actor (Vivian Dsena), speaks about his performance in the show and the prep


1. You (Vivian Dsena ) are a great actor. What is the secret of your great performance?

Ans. When you’re scared of performing, you give a great performance. There are scenes where you have those butterflies in your stomach and you are constantly thinking about it and reading it again and again. That is what keeps you alive as an actor, those butterflies in your stomach are very important.


2. Could you throw some light on your fitness journey.

Ans. I’ve (Vivian Dsena ) always been a footballer, I’ve never been a gym person, I’ve always tried to keep myself fit by playing football and not going to the gym. But, yes definitely, for the show I had to hit the gym and work very hard in order to achieve this kind of physique. I have not lost weight, I have lost body fat percentage but lost quite a bit, around 10 kilos in around 45 days, where 3 to 4 kgs are just water weight in your body so the real fat loss percentage is only 6 kgs. Diet means zero sugar, no dairy products only grilled good, fish chicken all of this and I still maintain that diet on the shoot.

Vivian Dsena: When you’re scared of performing, you give a great performance

3. Audience is witnessing a major transformation in you from your looks to your physique. Could you elaborate on what went behind the preparations?

Ans. The thing is we had already perceived Ranveer as a college-going boy, so for that, I cannot look as I look regularly, because when I come up with a show I need to prepare myself for the show in every way. I need to increase my physical strength, my athletic capacity, I need to be in shape in order to achieve that target because I have to convince my audience that yes I can and I am looking like a college boy. I cannot look like a miscast which is why I prepare myself. I give every project my best shot.



4. How easy or difficult is it to maintain the diet and follow the routine while you are on the set?

Ans. Diet is only discipline, if you’re disciplined about it you will follow it. It’s all an excuse to travel. These are all excuses which we give to ourselves, so yes diet can be maintained, it can be difficult but you need to do it.

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5. Actors these days are resorting to shortcuts to get the desired results. What’s your point of view?

Ans. Something that comes fast goes back fast as well. Shortcuts never lead to success, if it was the road to success then, I (Vivian Dsena ) wouldn’t have been in Mumbai for the last 14 years.


6. With more character development time, are you looking forward to adding more layers to the character?

Ans. Of course, I’m completely working on my character every now and then, be it the body language or any kind of scene, and about losing weight, who wants to lose weight? Everyone likes to be in their comfort zone but you can’t be in your comfort zone forever, one has to take challenges at some point.

Vivian Dsena: When you’re scared of performing, you give a great performance

7. You have come a long way career-wise since the Madhubala days. Comment

Ans. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve evolved a lot. There’s a lot that has gone in the process of learning and even today I keep learning, so learning has gotten me so far. Learning how a show is made, how we perceive a character, as an actor, what all inputs you need to put in, what are technical viewpoints of making a show, took many years, around 14 years.


8. What do you, Vivian Dsena, expect from 2022?

Ans. I never expect anything. I just keep doing my job.

sirf tum colors

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