Posted on February 11, 2022 at 8:43 pm

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Aditya Nair Saddened By Lata Mangeshkar’s demise

Aditya Nair felt devastated when he heard about Lata Mangeshkar’s demise: I’ve never even thought this day would come, never imagined it could happen


Lata Mangeshkar’s demise shocked the industry. The loss feels immeasurable, shares Aditya Nair. Her voice, songs, demeanour and smile touched everyone. The actor talks about his love for her songs, how much he is going to miss her and also shares his favourite song of the Nightingale of India.

“When I learnt the devastating news of the demise of the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar Ji, I felt anguished. She was more like a celestial being to me who will be there till the end of time. I have never even thought this day would come, never imagined it could happen. Since my childhood, I have grown up listening to her songs and she has become an integral part of my life. She has spread love for more than seven decades, her list of songs are never-ending. My favourite is ‘Aye mere watan ke logo’,” he says.

The Government of India announced two days of mourning in Lata Mangeshkar’s honour. Aditya supported the decision.

“She is a legendary singer who is not only a national treasure but is loved by the world. So the loss is not only limited to the music industry. She has always been special to me, her songs have always helped me during my darkest times. As I have mentioned before, I grew up listening to her melodious voice and it has never failed to amaze me, it has always left me awestruck. She has sung in all the genres and each one is amazing and fits the mood. Everyone has sung at least one favourite song if not all. Her voice works magic on me and I feel serene and peaceful,” he adds.

There have been times when ‘Aye mere watan ke logo’ has rendered Aditya speechless and touched his soul.

“I love all her songs. I am patriotic like the rest of my fellow nationalists so they will agree with my emotions for Lata ji. This song hits differently not only because it respects patriotism, a tribute to the fallen soldiers who have sacrificed their lives but also because of the soldiers who are still guarding our borders and protecting us so that we can sleep peacefully,” he ends
Aditya Nair Saddened By Lata Mangeshkar’s demise
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