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Kaveri Priyam – “Monami is Adorable!”

In Conversation With Kaveri Priyam

Kaveri Priyam - "Monami is Adorable!"

Kaveri Priyam needs no introduction, from playing the happy-go-lucky Kuhu in Star Plus’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke to now starring in Sony SAB TV’s primetime offering, Ziddi Dil Maane Na as Dr Monami Mahajan, the actress has proven her versatility both in terms of performances but also in the characters she has played. For those that have been following my written interview pieces, almost two years ago I did an exclusive piece with Kaveri Priyam during her YRHPK days and it only seemed fair that I caught up with the actress once again, this time to discuss all things Ziddi Dil Maane Na and of course, have a general catch-up. (So If you’ve not read the first piece, go read that first folks!)

So without further ado, firstly, I asked Kaveri how she bagged the role of Monami and how she felt when she was selected. To which she responded, “Well! I had auditioned for this role way back in October 2020 when YRHPK had just ended. I fell in love with the character, as it was entirely different from my previous one and I wanted to play it. Things fell in place when the other projects which were lined up earlier got delayed. It was when it all worked out that I realised how deeply I had wished for it. I still can’t believe how magically everything fell in place. (smiles)” Well, as they say, trust the universe’s process and everything will fall in place and so it did!

For those that watch Ziddi Dil Maane Na, it’s obvious that Monami isn’t your archetypal female lead. In fact, none of the characters are archetypal which is what makes the show all the more interesting. Asking Kaveri if she could describe Monami in one word, she responded with, “Adorable! She is kind, loving, strong and a person who is not just sensitive towards her feelings but also to that of others around her.” I couldn’t agree anymore. I then probed Kaveri what her favourite part of playing Monami is? To which she responded, “The favourite part of playing Monami is that I get to explore the cute and sensitive side of my own personality.”

Whilst we were on the topic of performances I asked Kaveri how much does she relate to Monami and whether the relatability aspect helps her channelise Monami’s energy in her performances? To which Kaveri added, “Monami is not a complex character, she is what she is: whether inside, or outside. It is that quality which makes it easy to channelise my energies for feeling her and to get into her skin.” Well, that is certainly working because the way Kaveri plays Monami comes across as effortless, right folks?!

I then asked Kaveri about the most-awaited questions and that is her pairing with Shaleen Malhotra which has been well-received. In fact, it was because of the digital sensation of this pairing that I came across on my Twitter timeline which compelled me to binge-watch the show and hey-presto there was no looking back! Hence, I asked Kaveri what has been her favourite and/or challenging #MoRan scene, thus far? To which Kaveri responded, “First of all Thank you for the love and admiration that fans have given to #MoRan. I guess the most challenging scene for me was Monami’s love confession followed by the heartbreak.” As a viewer, I can vouch that those scenes were certainly impressive and truly heart-breaking.

Besides romantic pairings which usually set the social media world on fire, with Ziddi Dil Maane Na the writers have cleverly and organically created interpersonal platonic dynamics between the characters. Now platonic bonds on Hindi Television are rare to see and therefore her dynamic with Kunal Karan Kapoor is equally being well-received by the viewers. To this end, I asked Kaveri about her favourite and/or challenging #SiMi scene thus far? To which she responded, “I absolutely enjoy doing scenes with Kunal. All #SiMi scenes are my favourite and it’s very difficult to choose the most favourite amongst all.” Aww well isn’t that sweet, we stan #SiMi!

Besides Ziddi Dil Maane Na and Kaveri’s acting career, one mustn’t forget that the fellow actress is also an excellent singer. I thus asked her whether she has any plans on foraying into the music industry anytime soon? Kaveri Responded with, “Currently, I am only focused on my acting career because there is still a realm of things which I have got to explore. However, singing is something I enjoy doing and with that, as an inspiration, I may do it professionally but as of now there are no such plans.” Oh well isn’t that interesting?!

Speaking of interesting things, if you’ve read the previous interview I did with Kaveri, you’ll discover that Kaveri is also an avid reader. To that end, I asked Kaveri if there is anything she has read recently that she’d like to share with her fans? Kaveri responded, “I have been reading a lot of self-help books lately. I just finished reading Life’s Amazing Secret by Gaur Gopal Das.” Well, I could really do with discovering Life’s Amazing Secrets and have now added it to my reading list, have you folks added it too?

Since we are on the topic of Life’s Amazing Secrets and were also nearing the end of our conversation I asked Kaveri how she has stayed calm amidst the overwhelming love and appreciation that she has received for Ziddi Dil Maane Na. This is a stark contrast to her previous show in which playing the un-archetypal character landed the fellow actress to social media trolls. Hence, I wanted to know a life secret or perhaps motivation mantra that she has adopted to stay focused and calm? To which Kaveri responded, “Over a period of time I have learnt to have a detached perspective towards these trolls as well as appreciation tweets. My only idea is to do my job right and leave the rest that follows.” Well, there you go folks, the words of wisdom that we all should adopt.

Finally, as we wrapped up the conversation I asked Kaveri if she had any messages for her fans? To which she responded, “I am so grateful to all my fans for their constant support, motivation and love that they pour Incessantly. You guys are extremely generous. Lots of love to you all and Thank you for the thoughtful questions.”

Well there you go folks, that is Kaveri Priyam in an exclusive conversation with me via UrbanAsian.

Keep up with and I shall be back with another article soon.

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