Posted on February 19, 2022 at 11:03 am

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Harleen Kaur: South Asian and Western Fusion

US-based fusion brand Harleen Kaur offers a distinct aesthetic by combining traditional South Asian silhouettes with modern eclectic, Western concepts. 

Harleen Kaur sources fabric from around the world. From handmade Italian jacquards to fine Japanese satin, to tulle hand-beaded in India, each piece is as culturally diverse as the society in which it belongs. Additionally, Harleen Kaur is a brand that takes pride in being eco-conscious and ethically made in NYC. 


 Sustainable initiative

“We have always sought out eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically sound methods of conducting business. It’s no secret how fashion has contributed to various environmental and ethical issues throughout the years. From the 1900s with the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York to more recent years with the factory collapse in Bangladesh and the rapid growth of fast fashion, we have condoned unethical and unsustainable practices for far too long now.

Finding solutions that are viable and affordable in today’s world isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to Indian clothing. Brands and consumers need to change in tandem in order for us to really move the needle (pun intended).

As a brand, we feel our job is to create clothing with longevity and purpose while ensuring that the hard workers behind the production of each garment are paid fairly in a safe environment.

By implementing small batch production in NYC, using OEKO-Tex fabrics, and trying to source more sustainable alternatives to all of our fabrics, trims and packaging, we’re moving towards more zero-waste practices. While these are baby steps, we’re excited to keep expanding our business with more eco-conscious standards throughout the future, especially in an Indian fashion industry where sustainability and ethical practices aren’t addressed often enough.”

Harleen Kaur

Brand Highlights

The environmental concerns around clothing manufacturing are more acute than ever before. The brand facilities work to the highest environmental and social standards and as they produce locally in the US. The price points aren’t that of fast fashion, but they compare well to mid-market fusion wear brands. 
  •  Small batch production- This allows the brand to control the quality and reduce waste
  •  OEKO Tex- Ensure the end products does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, allergenic dyes, and overall health long term
  •  Fabric Scrap- Turning scraps into pocket squares, headbands, and facemasks to limit wastes
  •  Packaging- Use EcoEnclose 100% naturally biodegradable and recyclable material
  •  Hangtags- 100% recycled polyester brand labels
Harleen Kaur

Made in NYC

“We started the brand knowing we wanted to produce ethical and sustainable Indian clothing right here in New York, something that hadn’t really been done thus far. We carefully selected factories that we saw were not only compliant with federal and local labor laws but were doing their part to keep their workers happy and safe. By keeping production here locally, we have complete oversight throughout every step of the process and we’re able to design ready-to-wear, custom, and couture Indian clothing a lot quicker and more efficiently. All this while supporting local small businesses (factories, seamstresses, pattern makers, graders, etc.)”

Harleen Kaur

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