Posted on April 28, 2021 at 3:02 am

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You should wear good decent clothes and be presentable: Rohit Choudhary

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At 50, actor-producer Rohit Choudhary can give a competition to any young stylish man out there. From casuals to formal, all his looks set major fashion goals, and he suggests that one should always be well-groomed.

He said,

“As a celebrity wearing fashionable clothes is not compulsory, but yes you should wear good decent clothes and be presentable. One should wear clothes which will enhance their personality.”

Rohit further revealed that though he is not much of a trend follower, if something is in fashion, he wears it only if he feels comfortable. He also accepted that clothes are a reflection of one’s personality and different clothes make you feel differently.


He said,

“If you go somewhere in shorts and a t-shirt it gives a different vibe, and when you go to clubs or attend a function, wedding, and you wear your clothes accordingly, then those make you feel different.”

“Clothes are a reflection of your personality. Like for example, if you see a person wearing white kurta pajama the first thought that comes to your mind is that ‘is he a politician?’ Or if you see someone wearing a tracksuit, you will assume he is into fitness. So, yes, it reflects your personality,” he added.

When asked about his shopping ritual, Rohit revealed that he has a fetish for shoes and said,

“My shopping is not fixed, if I like something, I buy it. I don’t buy things looking at price tags I buy things that I love. But I spend a lot of money on my shoes, I keep varieties of shoes with me.”

Though he mentioned that he mostly creates his own style, he accepted that he loved the bell-bottom trend.


“I don’t follow anyone, and if I really like something I try it out otherwise I mostly create my own style. The trend is something which is repeated after some time, like bell-bottoms, big-collared shirts or loose fitted clothes. Recently I saw girls wearing chokers around their neck which I did not like, but I liked was the bell-bottom trend,” Rohit concluded.

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