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Rajveer Singh – An actor has no limits

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In conversation with Rajveer Singh

Recently I decided to interview Rajveer Singh, yes you read that right. I am referring to the charismatic and nuanced performer who currently stars in Zee TV’s popular serial Qurbaan Hua. As an avid serial viewer, I was taken aback from a few clips I saw of his performances and thus wanted to find out about his experience on Qurbaan Hua so far. Whilst discussing his journey Rajveer revealed the decisions why he decided to become an actor, “There is so much going on inside a person, within society, be it politics etc… so as humans we are full of emotions spanning from anger, happiness, sadness etc… At this juncture, I realised that the best platform that could bring out the emotions that are often trapped within would be via the entertainment space.” Rajveer adds, “I knew I wanted to become an actor from the very beginning, hence decided to move to Mumbai to pursue my career in this field. It goes without saying that Mumbai is a tough city and before you get your first break, one needs to find the means to survive, so my story was no different. I started working, settled and then made all the efforts to pursue my career such as working on my craft.”

Rajveer’s career choices have been unique. From playing Abeer in Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka? to Zaroon in Sufiyaana Pyaar Mera and now Neel in Qurbaan Hua, I asked him what was the inspiration behind playing Neel and whether there were any preparations he had to undergo to get into the skin of the character. To which Rajveer responded, “Neel is a character I couldn’t say no to, in fact, I wanted to work with full house media in the past however things did not materialise. Therefore, playing Neel allowed me to work with full house media, as well as my director and team.” He adds, “In relation to the second part of the question, frankly speaking, I did not have to prepare much to get into the character given that majority of the work was done in the script which was well written, so my job was to translate whatever was on paper to the screen. My director has also guided me which has helped a lot.”

Next, I decided to ask Rajveer what has been his most challenging scene(s) to shoot on Qurbaan Hua. To which he responded, “Honestly, I don’t think the scenes are challenging, I believe it’s the routine and the schedule which is hectic given that we as actors film for 12-13 hours, sometimes more and that is what poses as the challenge. Personally, if you are able to perform truthfully and sincerely then the scenes will not be challenging.”

Asking him about his dynamics with his co-stars particularly Pratibha Ranta, who plays Chahat, Rajveer responded, “All my co-stars have been a delight to work with and are hardworking, be it Pankhuri, Helly and now Pratibha. Although Pratibha and I haven’t interacted much given our busy schedules, from what we’ve interacted, it’s nice to work with her. She is a joy to work with as she performs with honesty which is translating onscreen.”

For those of you that don’t know Rajveer recently won an award at Zee Rishtey Awards for playing Neel. Asking him about how he felt when he bagged the award he responded, “Getting the award was lovely as it reflects the work one puts in and suggests that they are a deserving candidate. However, this is only the beginning and I wish to continue to work hard because there is a long way to go. But yes, thanks to Zee TV and Zee Rishtey Awards for giving me the award.”

Besides Qurbaan Hua I asked Rajveer what kind of roles he would like to play in the future and if there is any particular genre that he is interested in. To which Rajveer responded, “An actor has no limits and therefore I want to do everything out there. Having said that, there is one particular genre that I would love to be a part of which is the sports/biopic genre. I feel this is a space that I am enthusiastic about and therefore will be able to give my very best.”

As Rajveer mentioned above, the schedule of filming a serial is challenging. Hence, I asked him how he likes to spend his free time. To which he responded, “I spend my free time like most people do when they get a day off from work which includes, cooking, reading, listening to music, shopping, going out with friends, having dinner and lunch outside. Also, given that I am quite introverted I like to spend my free time by myself and avoid going to crowded places as I feel more peaceful otherwise.”

Finally, I asked Rajveer if he had any messages for his fans to which he responded, “Thank you so much for loving me and supporting me. It is only because of your love and constant support that we as actors perform for and why we continue to work hard. Keep watching Qurbaan Hua, keep yourselves safe.”

Well, there you have it folks that is Rajveer Singh in an exclusive conversation with Urban Asian.

Keep reading Urban Asian and I shall be back with another article soon.

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