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Digangana Is Highly Professional And Delight To Work With – Avani Agasti

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Digangana Is Highly Professional And Delight To Work With – Avani Agasti

“Digangana is highly professional and a delight to work with” – Stylist and make-up artist Avani Agasti

‘Quality over anything’ – that is a motto popular stylist and make-up artist Avani swears by. Recently, Avani was a part of an elaborate shoot featuring actress Digangana Suryavanshi for the magazine Perfect Woman. For the shoot, Digangana tried four different looks and Avani was responsible for the make-up, she donned for the different looks.

Talking about her experience of working with Digangana, Avani says,

“Digangana is highly professional and a delight to work with. The shoot went on from early in the morning till the evening in Filmcity. In one single schedule, we had to finish the shoot for all four looks. It was quite hectic but the team ensured that everything happened in an organized manner. It was the first time I collaborated with Digangana and it was a wonderful experience. I hope to work with her again soon.”

Avani is relatively new to the industry but has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. What sets her apart from her contemporaries is the fact that she has the skills of a stylist and a make-up artist, all rolled into one.

“I have studied fashion styling from NIFT, Mumbai, and have l graduated from Fat Mu, a make-up institute in Mumbai. I am equally interested in both styling and make-up. I feel that is also my strength as there are very few people around who do both.”

Internet or rather, social media is a medium which, if used wisely, can do a lot of good. That is what Avani has been trying to do. Through her Instagram page StyledbyAvani_, she aims to make more people aware of the various aspects of styling and make-up.

“I started blogging recently and it has been a great experience so far. The idea is just not to promote my work but also to bridge a gap between the emerging trends in fashion and the consumer. I have been getting a lot of feedback from people on the kind they would want me to do and things they would like me to see the design. I hope to connect with more people on the internet and outside of it so that I keep growing as an artiste.”

A lot of designers get intimidated by the ever-changing and evolving trends. Avani is somebody who believes that one should embrace the trends and create something new and unique that reflects one’s individualistic style.

“Today, there are so many people in the fashion business. Trends are changing at the speed of light. You see a new trend almost every day. I think classics never go out of fashion. Every stylist has his or her own sensibilities and must work towards building their own distinctive identity. As a make-up artist and a designer, I am trying to do the same”, she says on a parting note.

Avani has been a part of the styling project for the Indian Women’s Cricket Team and has worked closely with actress Hrishita Bhatt as a stylist and make-up artist. In the recent past, she worked on a project with Nyka. Recently, she worked as a make-up artist on a brand shoot for Myntra. In the future, she hopes to work on films as well.

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