Posted on January 29, 2020 at 3:43 pm

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In Conversation With Celebrity Manager, Latish Kumar

UrbanAsian interviews Latish Kumar – founder of Lion Media

Management, the process of organisation. Isn’t the word management ironic within the context of the Hindi TV industry? Well, for those that aren’t aware, behind all the chaos and frenzy, there lies a body of management ensuring that the industry functions smoothly. Recently, I had a conversation with celebrity manager and founder of Lion Media’s Latish Kumar, who gave me an insight on how he became the youngest celebrity manager and digital marketing company owner in the industry.

First things first, I wanted to know about the journey. As cliché as it may sound, success doesn’t come knocking on your doorstep. So how did you decide that you wanted to set up a digital marketing company? Latish responded, “Well back in 2012 I was a student studying multimedia. I was also working for a media portal as a graphics designer and I knew that I was passionate about doing something different from what my peers were hence I decided to start a platform which would enable celebrities to connect with their fans. So, after working for two years at the media portal, I finally decided to leave and that’s how Lion Media was born.”

So, there you have it, an inspired student decided to venture out into the world of digital marketing and he succeeded. However, hold on, the story doesn’t stop here, I wanted to know how he felt when he got his first contract as a celebrity manager. To this, Latish responded “My first contract was with Parth Samthaan. I was both happy yet nervous but we were super excited to work with each other.” Well, doesn’t that sound like a great start? From handling one celebrity to over forty, Latish has created a benchmark in the field. But with success comes great responsibilities, so how did you stay organised and on top of your commitments? He said, “Well, working in this field obviously comes with a lot of responsibilities. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I love to spend time with my family, especially with my little nephew.” I couldn’t agree anymore, splitting the time up between work and family is vital so that one has a balance of both.

At this juncture, I wanted to ask where he sees Lion Media in the next five years to which he responded, “Hopefully, I see it as one of the leading digital agencies worldwide.” Don’t we all love to see such motivation and vision?

Besides his journey and career goals, I was curious to know whether PR and Marketing played a fundamental role in launching debutant actors. To this Latish responded, “Yes, it is useful and surely plays a part in launching them.” Well, doesn’t that make it clear, besides their skills, PR is vital and therefore if one aspires to be an actor in this field, they need to make sure that they hire a reliable and successful management team.

Finally, as an entrepreneur, I asked Latish what tips he would like to give to today’s youth who wishes to start a company. To this Latish responded, “In order to overcome all the obstacles that life throws at you, it is vital that you have a never-gives-up attitude. If you follow this, then one day you too shall be a successful entrepreneur.” There you go folks, that’s from the man himself. Never give up and stay motivated.

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