Posted on January 9, 2018 at 1:41 pm

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Ssharad Malhotraa: I Am Me Most Of The Time

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Actor Ssharad Malhotraa is in a happy zone. He is looking forward to having a better time for him in 2018. When asked about his current state of mind Ssharad says,

Ssharad Malhotraa
Ssharad Malhotraa

“The best thing currently is the kind of people I am surrounded with. They are light minded, positive and non judgemental. Only a handful of them in my life.”

What are your strengths as a person?

“I am easily approachable and easy going. No major restrictions for me I guess. Most of the time I am Me, I don’t pretend. If I like something I express that and if I don’t like anything that’s on my face too. I always try to be with someone who can uplift my mood and we can have a good time. There are three P’s that are important in my life and two of them are Prateek Chakravorty and Pooja Bisht. They always give me their best vibes.”

He celebrates his birthday today (9th January). Last evening his close friend Prateek Chakraborty organised a pre-birthday party for him. Ssharad also revealed the first poster of his debut film as a director, Prem, Gajra Aur Chilli Chicken.

So what do you intend to give yourself this birthday?

“Good health and lots of happiness. I have to give myself a lot of sleep maybe seven hours of sleep which is very important for a healthy lifestyle.”

Any birthday resolution you want to make this time?

“Professionally I want to do something better and bigger. My personal life should also be sorted.”

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