Posted on January 9, 2018 at 2:20 pm

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Shweta Rohira: It was never my intention to lose weight

Actor Shweta Rohira has had quite a makeover recently. The actor has been busy working out and has lost over 15 kg in four months. However, she says this was never the intention.

Shweta Rohira
Shweta Rohira

“I was just enjoying working on myself and was happy with the result.”

Ask her how what motivated her to start losing weight, and she says,

“My younger brother Siddharth asked for my weight loss as a gift to him and being his elder sister I have always given him what he wants.”

However, losing 15 kg is not a joke and Shweta says that it was all about self-control.

“I had to zip my mouth, workout and majorly change my lifestyle. In fact, I had to enjoy all this.”


And what is the best compliment that she has got for this?

“Sometimes people haven’t recognised me. They have passed by and once I call them they have a shocking look on the face.” (sic)

The actor says that it’s important for everyone to reinvent themselves, and not just actors.

“I think it’s essential for everyone, not just an actor because change is the only constant. Where good looks is concerned, it’s in the eyes of the beholder.”

Talking about her future plans, she says,

“I am an expressionist, so lot of moods connected to painting and writing are on. Where acting is concerned, I have something in pipeline. Hopefully, this year, we will have a clearer picture.”

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