Posted on December 13, 2017 at 12:00 am

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Telly Actors On Anushka-Virat’s Secret Wedding In Italy!

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Celebrity couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married in a hush-hush ceremony in Italy. The two managed to keep details of the ceremony and even the fact that they were to tie the knot, a secret from the public. Our telly actors tell us why they must have felt a need to do that.

Gavie Chahal
: This game of Hide and Seek of between the media and actors is a never-ending game. Both are equally responsible. Media loves to tear apart the facts and present it in the most sellable way. Many actors have had to some time suffer because of that. I think hiding is not an option as somehow the media will come to know about it. But it’s an equal responsibility of both. Our life is because of our fans and they want to know everything about us. The media’s job is to circulate it properly in an ethical way and we as actors must provide and update them with the happenings of our life.

Sachin Parikh: I think every star has his or her strategies to be in the limelight… some go for negative publicity and some want to be only seen by way of their work. I think as far as playing hide and seek is concerned, that’s the smartest way of keeping oneself in the limelight because if someone straight away gives the news about their happenings in their lives, the news for them is over in one go. So the one who does that really knows how to remain in the limelight.

Sachin Parikh
Sachin Parikh

Sheeba: I don’t think it’s a question of hiding rather it’s a question of not being answerable to the media about every single personal detail. Every actor is a human being first and foremost it’s not necessarily true that a hundred percent of our lives have to be open. There are certain things that are not for public consumption and I chose it that way. I think having a selective limelight for yourself where privacy is concerned is the right idea.

Sneha Wagh: I’m someone who likes to keep my personal life and professional life poles apart. When it’s about choosing a profession which involves the limelight, limelight should be limited to the profession only. Personal life is not a part of our profession.

Jasmin Bhasin: It’s not about hiding it, I believe, it’s just not one person, it’s two people and their families that are involved in a relationship. Everyone should be totally ready and comfortable to talk about it, and it’s a mutual decision so it’s better to take your time and be public about it when everyone is ready.

Rashami Desai: My view is that sometimes when people are not making things clear means they want some space or don’t want to do anything that will affect their future. If they are public figure dosent mean they are responsible for everything. They also have a life.

Shashank Vyas: Firstly, I think my viewpoint is not necessary on Mr Kohli and Miss Sharma’s life. Secondly, privacy is everyone’s right. Maybe they were not comfortable in sharing details prior to the wedding, and that is ok.

Laksh: All I can say is that they both looked spectacular at the wedding. I guess the media wasn’t informed because they didn’t want them tailing them on the most important day of their lives.

Rohit Purohit
: Both Anushka and Virat are public figures and have a lot of fan following. But there are some moments which we just want to share with our families. It is not wrong. As soon as they were married, they shared this on social networking sites, so I guess they were not trying to hide anything. They just wanted some privacy.

Rohit Purohit
Rohit Purohit

Rohit Bhardwaj: A public figure’s life is never hidden from the media. Although Anushka and Virat tried very hard to hide the fact that they were off to get married, the media had pretty much figured this out. There were so many reports about this.

Samiksha Bhatnagar: It’s difficult to say as there are different drivers and varied thought processes as to how somebody perceives media attention. Of-Late there has been an upward trend where people furnish information in bits & pieces to grab instant media attention, however, there is the likelihood that couples aren’t sure about their relationship and use this opportunity to play around and grab media bytes. I personally believe there is no play that hides and seek and keeps things straight when it’s the right time, till then keep it personal. Understand it may not be all the time in today’s age of social media and paparazzi all around hashtag

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