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Television actors share their love for winter

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Since winter is upon us, it is time to keep warm and find out what about winter our telly actors love the most!

Sachin Parikh – I love winter. The most pleasant side about Mumbai winter is its early mornings. The early due and drop in the temperature really makes Mumbai cold for those early hours in winter. Since I am born and brought up in Mumbai I recollect my childhood winter days where my mama (maternal uncle) used to take me for a cycle ride early in the morning in vile parle east, where I spent my entire childhood. And I have those fond memories of those wonderful years. I love eating typical veg Gujarati (Kathiavadi) food in winter. Bajre and Juvar ka roti, baingan bharta ( made on coal sagdi), garlic chutney, dahi, onion, jaggery, buttermilk and makkhan. This is specially made in winter and eating this meal at open dhaba on a cold winter night is a perfect meal for me. when I think of winters the only song which comes to my mind is “Roza Janeman” from the film “Roja”.

Sheeba – I love the cold. Although it’s not freezing in Mumbai, lightweight stokes and boot come out of the closet. Dubai winters were same as here so, just fashion has changed not the weather really. I love winter snow and snow cones. White Christmas in New York is my fondest winter memory and ski trips. Hot mulled wine and hot chocolate with marshmallows are my favorites and in India being a typical Punjabi it’s Makki Sarso and Jaggery makkan.

Priyamvada Kant – I like the winter in Mumbai. It’s mild and you get to take out your jackets and get cozy. Also, step out and wear what you like during the day. I’m from Delhi and it gets extremely chilly in winters, I use to wear minimum six layers of clothes, sit next to room heaters, get cosy in the blankets. Getting up early in pitch darkness was such a task! Best memory was definitely the fog and the fog warmth coming out of our mouths while we spoke! It uses to be so much fun, we would pretend like we are smoking cigarettes standing at the bus stop early in the morning waiting for our school bus. My favorite winter song is Pyaar Tera Dilli Ki Sardi and enjoy eating hot peanuts, popcorn and sipping on hot chocolate is my all time favorite in winters.

Hrishikesh Pandey – Yes, I love winters and somehow I don’t feel that cold but I enjoy the season. In Mumbai, there’s not much winter as compared to other states. I mean the kind of cold we feel in Mumbai just for two months, it should be for the whole year. We feel cold only during morning and evening and that too when if we are shooting outdoors. When we are indoors, we don’t even realise when the winter has come and gone. Obviously, I miss my hometown, native places from where we have come and where we have been. I miss my memories of my school days and college days that we used to go very far locations just to enjoy winters, the weather, eating anything like hot soups, bhajijyas and hot tea. The Bollywood song which I love in winters is “Sard Sard Raton Mein”

Shraddha Musale – I just love Mumbai weather and Mumbai winters because it’s not harsh and it’s not extreme. I don’t like extreme weathers especially winters. Yes, I do miss my hometown Ahmedabad winters at times because it gets extreme during December and January. The fondest memory would be cycling to school early in the morning. We used to leave before sunrise. Even if you are cycling, in winter your hands freeze while riding the cycle. I like to eat a lot of healthy food in winters especially khajur and lots of dry fruits. And my mother makes methi laddus and laddus which contains a lot of dry fruits, ghee, etc. And what I love about winter is I can dress up and all my jackets and shoes which are inside for 10 months I can use those and just be stylish and fashionable during this season.

Sneha Wagh – I’m from Mumbai and winters here are getting warmer and warmer. I still miss my school days when I had to wear gloves to ride my bicycle along with a thick sweater in the early mornings. I completely depend on a nice hot cup of tea during winters. Different types of teas. Kashmiri, Green, Jasmine, Rose or even Normal Masala teas.

Romit Raaj – Mumbai winter is the best time of the year in the city, best clothes are out, my wardrobe changes, summer clothes are put aside and winter jackets are out. I feel amazing wearing jackets in Mumbai. I am a Mumbaikar I love Mumbai !!! I had gone to Vaishnodevi during winters and I must say it was lovely darshan as not many people were there that moment and we could see ice around which was beautiful, Snow everywhere. I love to eat Makki ki roti and Sarson Ka Saag during winters. All Yash Chopra songs shot in Switzerland with snow around them comes to my mind during winters.

Mohammed Nazim – I love to enjoy winters outdoors and going for midnight drives. I often go to the sea shore and have roasted or boiled corn. They are a perfect midnight snack and very healthy for your diet.

Ssharaad Malhotraa – I love to eat a grilled vada pav with cold coffee. Trust me, the combination is simply amazing.

Shashank Vyas – I often sip on a piping cup of hot cup of coffee and roasted, ground almonds. It’s healthy, stimulating and tasty.

Gunjan Utreja – Hot chocolate fudge is my all-time favourite. Especially when it is made by my sister, the wonderful chef, Kaveri Utreja. You don’t need a reason to have chocolate. So yes, I believe hot chocolate is a perfect combination of a chilly winter night.

Vivian Dsena – I love to have a nice hot cup ginger tea and a tasty, paneer sandwich. They both go nicely together.

Rashami Desai – I like to sip on a hot cup of coffee and have a spicy, green chutney sandwich. It’s actually kind of comfort food for me, and I would recommend to anyone to go for that on a cool, cozy winter evening.

Aniruddh Dave – On cool winter nights, I have a big glass full of hot milk with a lot of dry fruit it and eat dal kachori’s along with them. The combo is like heaven! It’s filling, healthy and yummy.

Sehban Azim – I love coffee and sandwich during winters. Also, I love nibbling on peanuts during the season.

Rohit Bhardwaj – I love having ginger tea during winters. It is my favourite meal and serves the right purpose in winters too.

Eijaz Khan – I like tea and parathas in winters.

Sshrey Pareek – The best part of winter in Mumbai is you can wear jackets which is impossible to wear throughout the year. And what I like the most is night outs in pleasant and mild winter have loads of chai and standing front of a sea and feel it and yes I miss my hometown winter’s of course as it is extremely cold in winters. You don’t want to move out of your bed even once in a day and have everything garam garam on the bed. Everything junkie. My fondest memory of winter’s at my hometown is a bonfire on the terrace with friends playing Uno and how can I miss chai again, gappe shappe, bitching, fights and that’s also telling parents a lie that we are going to study at a friend’s place.

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