Posted on October 30, 2017 at 8:52 am

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It is my selfish desire to see people happy: Shashank Vyas

Diwali ended a while back, mostly on a sweet note, especially for Shashank Vyas and his fans. If you are one of his fans, then be assured you what Shashank did during Diwali will melt your hearts.

When all the other actors were enjoying the Diwali atmosphere, bursting crackers and playing cards, actor Shashank Vyas has done something different. He and his friend Altaf Khan who works for a big production house distributed sweets and crackers amongst the underprivileged.


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When asked, Shashank says,

“I will be very honest, I was not in a frame of mind that I have to do something, but I felt what Diwali is for those people who live on the road? For them Diwali was just any other day. So I decided to call my friend Altaf Khan. He also joined me and we distributed sweets and crackers on the road. The thought came to me organically and I’m happy that I was the reason for someone else’s smile. This is my selfish desire to see people happy. I don’t know whether I will repeat this process next Diwali also but I loved the whole experience.”

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